01 May, 2008

Today, the 1st of May, is in fact Labour Day back in Malaysia.

So, it goes without saying that the whole of Malaysia is slumbering in the heat while we.. well, actually yours truly..

.. slogs away..

Mum texted me around noon-time, saying she will be picking up my Brother, for lunch soon (and that she misses and loves me). I replied: Can you come pick me up too?

I can't stop thinking of home, thinking how nice it would be to be back within the comfortable glow of blood-ties again, to be sweltered by the ridiculous heat and unending love. Instead, Missy blew her almost frozen nose, picked up her green bags and braced through the less-than-10deg wind to Prahran, just so she can finally get some much-needed grocery supplies.

While the wind slowly freezes the suburb, Missy patiently walked through the aisles, calculating the best bargains, and planning what to do with said bargains. Oh, and do trust me when I say I love bargains..

20 minutes later, I emerged from Coles carrying:

  • 500g of Don frankfurts (for the man)
  • 2 trays of eggs at 700g each
  • 2 litres of skim milk
  • 700g fresh bread
  • 500g of dried prunes (very much for Missy only)
  • 2 cans Heinz baked beans at 420g each
  • 1kg of baby peas
  • 200g of tuna, and
  • 3 Hass avocados (which weight are pretty much negligible at this point)

Ok, so.. as though lugging over 7kilos over my winter jumper is not enough, I have to get my ass to Priceline, which *praise praise* is just next door.

Yes, they have great bargains.

And yes, I checked, therefore I know..

In I went, and out I came, with an additional:

  • 2 Listerine mouthwash at 1litre each
  • 3 Palmolive Naturals handwash refill at 500ml each

A quick mental calculation will bring the grand total to around 10kilos of groceries done today.

As proud as I am to snatch 10kilos of great bargains, I can't say for sure it was equally pleasurable lugging the whole lot home. If anything, my steps were at best pathetic and at worst spasmodic.

All in the quick name of "a good housewife"..

Back to Labour Day, well, it certainly wasn't for me!

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.val. said...

oh geez if i knew u were gonna drag 10kg i would have holla my sick ass to your place and get some fresh air with you!!