.. for the ever present love and warmth surrounding me.

.. for all the morning kisses I can get.

.. for eggs, ham and cheese in the fridge. And a kettle that works just fine.

.. for quiet afternoons spent in the unfurnished baby's room.

.. for slow music, whistling wind and the gentle drift of snowflakes.

.. for lights that brighten the room when sun sets at 4pm.

.. for a bed that cradles my sore feet and backache every night.

.. for the slow but sure progress in making our new house a home.

.. for family and friends who kept in touch through the distance and time zones.

.. for acceptance into a new family.

.. for the man who comes back to me everyday, still full of love and kisses.

.. for the little man inside, kicking and rolling, and letting me know he's safe.

.. for all the wonderful things we see, hear and feel.

.. for good health, great food and gorgeous laughter.

.. for a day like Thanksgiving where we can count our blessings.