Souvenirs for all..

Ok, so the couple just got back from traveling, and what a travel it was!

It was a fun trip. Long and tiring, yes, but fun nonetheless. I used to have this beautiful dream of traveling the world round, but after a straight flight of 16 hours or so, my bum did not quite agree. And it did not stop just there.

Our journey: Melbourne - Singapore - Amsterdam - Oslo (- London - Paris - London) - Amsterdam - Manila - Sydney - Melbourne 

Hour count: 8hrs - 16hrs - 2hrs ( 2hrs - 2hrs) - 2hrs - 10hrs - 10hrs - *blackout

I may do that again, but definitely with the aid of either sleeping pills or knockout pills.

Well, on a much happier note, I've brought home a little piece of each destination we went. I know, you're most welcome ;)

But, before you think you'll get the whole ramble about the month-long trip (which will probably take about 72 days and 98 minutes), warm up with these teasers instead..

It's good to be back. *kisses for all