Home from Home

Holla all!

After a satisfying one-month stay back home in Malaysia, Missy Allets is now safely back in the comfort of Baby C's arms in Melbourne. Still home.

I don't speak for all out there, but being an overseas student who ended up carving a niche outside from home, inevitably means that you will have two homes. More specifically, someone who has close ties with his/ her family and everything back home. Like me.

So, you find yourself constantly homesick, whereever you are, whoever you're with.. and it's not a nice feeling to constantly have to cope with.

Having said that, let me first clarify that I DID NOT spend the whole first day back lamenting on this situation. My misses, though doubled since my touch down at 5.01am of 29th March, have only pulled me to work harder on the pile of clothes and accessories and gifts that are waiting to be unpacked from the luggage. While I would have been so much more contented lying around, doing nothing, thinking nothing, moving nothing, saying nothing.. my better sense adviced otherwise. So, as of 12.39am of 30th March, yours truly was rendered free and clean. With a smirk, I spread on the bed thinking... "So, what do I do now?"

Life can be oh-so-tiring.

Let's just say I spent some 3 hours staring at nothing and coping with the thought of nothing, before sleep finally rescued me.

I'll write it off as jet-lag and whatever that comes with it, but truly, Missy Allets prays that this will pass soon. It's time to get back to the faster-than-slow routine, dear.

Oh! A treat for my homesick-wrenched heart: Le, my sister, is coming for a visit soon! Will update more on that ;)

Till then, Missy Allets wishes all a good weekend.