So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 4

So You Think You Can Dance Grand Final airs tonight, 27th April 2008 7.30pm on Network Ten.

This is it, people!

Missy has been crazily following the dance journey of these amazing Australians. Now that we're down to the Top 4, who do you think will be crowned Australia's favourite dancer?

Note: We're not even talking about the best dancer anymore (because, c'mon, they're really darn fine dancers, don't you think?)

Personally, I'm really loving Rhys for some obvious and various reasons. But, Jack's performance is top, top, top. If he gets the title, he really deserves it.

On the other side of gender, we have Kate, so absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and Demi, who had grown so much and indeed showed us how versatile dancers should be.

Honestly, I love the outcome of the Top 4, so whoever comes out Top.. Missy will be pleased ;)

Side dish: There's this one number I truly adore from the season among a few others. Check out Kate & Jack - Hip Hop routine from Top 8.

And now.. Missy patiently awaits 7.30pm..


Taboo: Incest!

While I can safely say that I, a Gen Y young adult, who is open to most of the controversial discussions claiming the world, some news like this came around and totally shattered my very being.

My dear readers, I'm talking about a recent (or actually, not too recent) news on an incestous father-daughter pair.

This shocking news arrived around early April, SHOCKING the world when South Australian father and daughter came forward with their story. John Earnest Deaves, 61, was intimately involved with his daughter from first marriage, Jennifer Anne Deaves, 39, for almost 8 years. They even had two children, one of whom died shortly after birth due to congenital heart defect.

Above are just the nutshell of it, but if you are interested to know more about the pair, you can check them out here, and here.

Seriously?? Father and daughter???

This might sound like a cliche but, "What on Earth are you guys thinking?!!"

True, they are undoubtedly a good pair who came clean and admitted guilty and pleaded for a little respect and understanding from people like us who obviously have trouble understanding.. but no, Missy does not condone incest in whatever form. And I find the whole episode very disturbing and disgusting.

I do believe emotion played a big part here but think about it for a second. Just think..

Now go puke..


What do dreams mean?

A quest that has long since established in our minds. Can we actually interpret dreams? Is there really a step-by-step guide of some sort to tell you what future lies for you based on what adventures you went through the night before?

I'm amazed, and troubled at the same time.

I dreamt of having a miscarriage yesterday. As if constant fear of one fine day being a parent and supporting the physical and psychological needs of another person is not enough, I have to be blessed with this dream that rendered me sweaty and heartbeat approaching 220.

Life, I tell you, is not easy..

And I can't stop thinking..


Adele: 19

She's your average London teenager, I guess.

19 years old. Big eyes, big size, big voice. Only difference is she's won the Critic's Choice Brit Award, before her album was even released.

Now that's some mega bigshot to look out for, I tell ya'll.

Yes, Adele is a 19-year old London singer-songwriter with vocal so powerful and may I add, a tad too soulful, for my own good. I swear her album is so addictive, I can still hear it humming in my head when I was strolling through the groceries aisle, in the shower, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on tv (which I totally can't get enough of, by the way), microwaving my veges.. ok, you get it.

I especially love Track3: Chasing Pavements and Track9: Make You Feel My Love. Both are love ballads.. no, scrap that, all her songs are about love and life and everything that comes with it. Chasing Pavements is about breaking up for the first time and the dilemma about holding on or giving up. Whereas Make You Feel My Love is a remake of Bob Dylan's classic from 1997, also about the greatness of love.

I am not only hooked on to her fabulous soul voice, but also the unique tone and rhythm of her music, which can easily be extracted from Track11: Tired.

It might need some getting used to her music, because I remember Baby hubz and I started off cold listening to her tracks, but look what happened to us now.

Trust me, Adele is the new kid in the music world!

Heal your life

Missy has been inspired by the Law of Attraction, following an Oprah episode few days back.

And she wondered how much her life is going to change in.. 5 years? 10 years? 25 years' time?

The key to achieving..

In light of this inspiration, Missy couldn't help but think back on the numerous lists and scribbles she had tucked somewhere in the room, or world, and how fascinating it is when bits and pieces just fit together after all these years.

And maybe.. just maybe, we should all spare some time and sit down to start on our 2008
vision board now.

There's not much for now, but I assure you, my dearests, I will be back with more to share in time to come ;)

Till then..


I love my Mummy

We've all been kids before.

We've all felt the need to be near our parents. We've all hankered for that extra little attention by crying and kicking and not letting go of their thighs. We've all been through all that and more..

We've all been kids before.

And now, whoever said that once you've grown up, you shouldn't display your inner needy kid, I say that is total crap.

It's precisely since moving away from home, adapting at independent livinghood, that I come to realize how much I love my family; Mum, Dad, Bro and Sis.

But this post is not about the thousand and one feelings I feel for them. This post is specially dedicated to my amazing Mummy.

The one whose unconditional love and support urged me to keep walking and striving. The one who always, always puts a smile on my face no matter how hard the day was. The one who never knew how to cook, but can still manage the household superbly. The one who taught me to be strong and relentless in pursuing my goals. The one who convinced me that I am one hell of a lady, despite the shame, guilt and stress that I carry on my head. The one who said that she will always be proud of her daughter.

The one who turns a young 53 today.

Happy Birthday, Mum!

I love you, and I'm thinking about you everyday.

P/S: Alright, same goes to you too, Dad.


Happy Anniversary, baby

We don't drive Porche nor live in double mansions; we don't even eat out as often as we wanted; we don't have helpers who clean and cook for us; In couldn't-be-any-plainer words, we are not rich people.

Yet, Baby hubz and I got on just fine. True, we did have our differences and some cold wars in between, but..

(Warning: Possible cold draught ahead)

.. we have come to understand that with difference come acceptance, and to realize how much we treasure each day, just by knowing at the end of the day, when we head home, there are warmth and love awaiting at the door.

8th April, 2008, we have come a full amazing 3 years of being together and 10 months of being husband and wife.

It used to be lavish dinner and champagne and gaze-in-your-eyes lovemaking. Now, it's just pure I-love-you and anything that comes with it.

Read on to see how we played it down with some red spoon help, and still manage a genuine smile as we kissed goodnight.

My freshly baked vanilla cake, that I admit was made by Betty Crocker.

Toppings of sunflower seeds & sultanas, which was out of my sheer ingenuity.
*By sprinkling the seeds on top, you're actually toasting them and infusing the aroma as you bake the cake. Heavens..

Result was this moist and flavorful cake that might have been completely devoured had I not stop myself.
*Betty Crocker even have the SuperMoist series which I'm just dying to try now that I've tasted this..

A few snip-snip to reveal my love..

Some white frosting on the side to transform it from a mere moist & flavorful cake to a delectable love-icon that's good enough to present alongside myself.

Wrap in some white paper (baking paper is perfect), careful not to ruin the edges, and pop in a box/ container with an easy-to-open-lid.

Next step would be to relish the look on his face:

Happy Anniversary, my baby.

You have been a wonderful, wonderful partner and I look forward to many more years with you.



Earth Hour

Ok.. so this is wayyyy overdue.

But, here's a recount on how our participation in Earth Hour yielded, and I promise it won't take too long..


It was so nothing that we sought comfort in beer instead.

Cheers to saving the Earth!