Easter baking, my comfort zone

Sometime ago, Missy was craving for carbs. Badly.

If the love for fluffy muffins, scones, pastries; and the smell of freshly baked flour+butter combo is not bad enough, throw in the desperation at the ungodly hours we call "sleeping time".

First week of March, tempted by the thousands of advertisement promoting the goodness of baked goods (and chocolate), Missy finally caved in and started her Easter earlier than anyone else.

She searched high and low for a delicious AND health-conscious recipe to curb her carb cravings.

2 hours later, these babies were born..

Honey Oatmeal baby muffins

Damn, they even LOOK delicious. And yes, healthy to the last crumb. I added some ground nutmeg just to boost the spice.

I had some leftover batter (as always), and put them in a foiled cake tin, sprinkled with chunks of dark chocolate. You guessed it, because the batter was not much, it spread thinly over the base, resulting in crunchy Honey Oatmeal & Chocolate crisps. Lord, that was good!

So yes, Missy was happy for a while, and along came Easter day to put her resistance to test.

Hubz suggested making our very own hot-cross buns!

Now, now.. having followed my journal (you can call it rants, that's fine by me) for practically a year, you'd have guessed I'm no kitchen person. Sure, I bake from time to time to satisfy myself.. but it's only with pure luck that they come out smelling good and edible.

So it was a big challenge. Hubz is not much of a baker than myself. The two of us combined would probably be as efficient as Cathy Freeman clad in a tutu.

It took us literally the whole day. 6 hours to be exact.

Yeah, I know you just gasped. PS: It normally takes around 2 hours for preparation and baking time. We couldn't believe it either. We started before 3pm, and after what could only be coined as a war of revival, the buns come out of the oven, piping hot, at 9.07pm. You can close your mouth now, thankyouverymuch.

Glazed and ready to be oven-ed

Nicely browned, the Calla hot-cross buns!

They look really good, don't they. I think I can even hear you say, "That 6 hours were at least not so wasted!"

Well, not exactly, fellow critics.

As much as we've got the taste right, we were rather disappointed with the texture (which pretty much decides what makes a hot-cross bun good). The moment they came out, everything was perfect; the heavenly aroma, the softness of the buns and the plump raisins. After they've cooled, so were our enthusiasm. They became a tad too hard for our liking, and not-so-much-of-a-health-food for your Missy.

We patted each other on the back, and got ready for a few drinks in town.

Here are your semi-pro bakers..

You smell good, is that hot-cross bun?


So in Love - Christian Louboutin

I've been busy, yes.

Busy drooling over these precious..

Ladies and ladies, let us swoon and marvel and die knowing even the ugliest can be saved..

Christian Louboutin - Anemone bow pump in black
-My absolute favourite

Can't get enough of it..
Christian Louboutin's signature red sole *swoon

Don't you just love them darlings? This, my people, is what I call statement wear. You don't even have to go that extra mile to catch attention, because, once you put on these darlings, they instantly shout, "LOOK AT ME, AIN'T I GORGEOUS?"

God, I think I just had a massive orgasm..

Let's move on to two other collections that I love..

Christian Louboutin - White Mouche
Elegant simplicity. Good enough for bridal wear *note to self..

Apparently, all shoes are specially hand made and you can have some little personal request if you so desire. But of course, them honeys come with a suicidal price tag.

Christian Louboutin (I can't get enough saying this name) - Blue Mouche
Same as above, in blue, with killer red sole.

As sexy as the red sole may be, they came up with a classic "Tiffany" baby blue sole, for the less loud audience, and I guess, for everyday wear. Though I swear if I get my greedy hands on these babies, I'll strut up and down Collins Street from 8am till 10pm, believe me..

Christian Louboutin - Very Prive in sequined blush pink
Another potential for bridal wear, maybe?

I usually try to play it down with sequins and rocks and jewels on the shoes, but THIS.. this is different. It's so classy, I just want to cry into their red soles. And one more thing, Christian Louboutin makes his to-die-for stilettos super high.. just the way Missy loves it.

Speaking of which, my now favourite shoe designer teamed up with one of my all-time favourite directors, David Lynch, and together they created a shoe art gallery. Considering Lynch's film stylistics, I prepared for something weirdly spectacular. But as I look through the work, I was blown away.

People, behold the shoe porn..

Second wave of pleasure..

The extent to which they went to create this work of art is beyond mere mortal imagination. How about something specially designed to be posed in?


Meaning, Mr. Louboutin specifically designed the shoes to be shot while model was lying down. In simpler words, the shoes would not be for normal wear..

Still don't get it?

Well, here you go..

Get it now, don't you?

Personally, to say they're not for normal wear was such an understatement. I say, they're fucking impossible to wear!

Anyway, another thing to wake up smiling for.

Mr. Louboutin, you made me see love again..


Book review: Shanghai Tango

I just finished this book not too long ago, but the steps it created are still vivid in my head.

Basically, an honest journey of sharp wit; a tango between rationale and passion.

Shanghai Tango - A Memoir by Jin Xing

Jin Xing, one of China's greatest dancers, choreographers.. and transwomen, spinned an enchanting part of her sex-changing life, depicted through the truest voice yet.

By true, I do not mean to say this book replays her life as it is. In fact, if there is such a thing as a conscious book, this will definitely be it.

When I read this memoir, pages and pages shouted out, "ME! ME! Look at me! Listen to me!" It's all about her. It's all about her emotions, her physique, her attractiveness, her blessings, her indispensability.

At first, she might jump out to be an empty shell full of herself. But, as I read on, I realised, yes, that IS her.

This is not Jin Xing, the great dancer, the fabulous choreographer, the upcoming artist or even the first man in China to become a woman.

This is about Jin Xing.. the man who longed to be a woman. The emptiness in his soul, the feeling of being born into a wrong body, the fire to change destiny.

At the end of the day, I guess Jin Xing wants people to see her as who she is (inside and outside). Afterall, if you want to dig her history trunks, you can always do a brief search online. Results yielded can feed you for 38 days.

Having said that, I wouldn't recommend this book for an intellectual read. I find the book lack of any heavy or substantial content to make one really satisfied at the end of the chapters. Missy, for one, was hoping to get more action on the dancefloors, OR, under the bedsheets, whichever as deemed appropriate *wink


The Galleon Cafe

After what seemed positively a lifetime of oats and cereals for breakfast, Missy finally decided she needs a good dose of calories down her throat.

So, off went Missy and Baby hubz to try the Galleon Cafe, quaintly located in St Kilda. If not for
Jamie, from The Breakfast Blog we might very well have missed this precious breakfast place so near to our place!

And I certainly am not kidding when I say we might miss this place..

The cafe literally blended in along the street with NO signage whatsoever..

The only thing that indicated we came to the right place was this..

A small piece of permit stuck next to the entrance..

*Yes, that's the tiny piece of paper in the first picture, below the reflection of the white car.

Anyway, our quick look in
The Breakfast Blog did entail the long but worthy wait, so we were well prepared. The good thing was, despite the long list pinned on the entrance, we were soon ushered into the rundown cosiness of The Galleon Cafe before we even need to say "How do you do!"

Indeed, it took some 30-45 minutes before our orders arrived, tempting our tastebuds. So meantime, let's take a look around!

Open kitchen, the old skool style. Loves it!

Different types of chairs and tables scattered around the room. We chose a round table :)

Ceiling crashing down. So devastatingly retro.. sexy..

Artsie-fartsie, just the way I like it ;) The red portrait on the shelf was the Boss, we assume

They serve my green tea in a round pot! How very Chinese!

A brief glimpse of their extensive menu.. I swear I had such a hard time deciding!

The man's meatballs on pide

My scrambled tofu with mushrooms and spinach. Not exactly as I expected but tasted great nonetheless

Us, well fed and happy.

So, what can two very full and satisfied people do now?

I'd say, a trip down to the beach :)

The weather was too good to pass, so even though we weren't prepared for it, we gingerly took off our clothes and joined the hundreds of semi-naked bodies along the beach..


He said it felt nice to sit and relax with this view..

I looked at those gorgeous ladies and said, "Yeah"


Something an impromptu swim can tell you..

This totally came as unexpected. A pleasant surprise, to say the very least.

After half a day running errands in the city, and meeting up for a much-needed chat over tea; us two ladies hugged and went home.

She most likely went home to cook; while I, the un-housewifey one, proceeded for a swim and attempting a last minute desperate tan AT 7PM. Please say you'll still be my friend..?

Anyway, upon coming out of the water, I came to two life-changing realisation:

One : That Elizabeth Arden 8Hour Hand Treatment Cream will be your hands' best ever friend.. forever..

Just for the record, I didn't purchase this item. We merely smeared a dollop onto our cracking hands as we "incidentally" strolled past the Elizabeth Arden counter. So much for a surprise finding, huh.

Anyway, smooth glide-on aside, this babe gives a layer of protection that you can FEEL, yet it doesn't leave a greasy after-feel that hinders your precious life. And guess what, YES, it remains the same IN the water and AFTER my swim! Geezuss.. amazing, no?

TWO : Loreal ColorAppeal range gives you shine like no other..

I'm using Gong Li's and loving the subtlety of it all. Bingo again, before and after the swim, nothing.. I repeat, NOTHING, changed.

Of course, swimming doesn't entail rubbing my eyes like a shy teenage whale, but still I reckon given its' quiet presence in the market, this palette deserves some fireworks!

Not that I'm an avid user of eye shadows, but from time to time, I really do want to pamper my haggard face. Yesterday was one such days, you see..


Moving fast away from that, Missy now craves something simple. Just pure, great skin.


Movie Review: Into the Wild

It was totally by chance that we ended up watching this movie last night. And boy, wasn't his 'Great Alaskan Adventure' a nice twist to end the day?

We were both wrapped in fatigue and just wanted to take it easy. Instead, Into the Wild took us on a bumpy road full of adventure and philosophy. And you know what the weird thing is? That we actually fought our drowsiness because it's just too good to pass and say goodnight!

Emile Hirsch played out the life of Christopher McCandless with such passion and beliefs that I was drawn right in, my soul weeping and laughing.

I won't bother paraphrasing the whole storyline but you can read the synopsis here.

To me, the story is about the search for happiness, for truth, for life. And the picture above (found from its' official website) depicts it best.

A middle-school top graduate abandoning all his worldly possessions, embark on his 'Great Alaskan Adventure'.

How did he see the world? How did he feel about the people around him?

Just for the record, at that time of his life, he was the same age as yours truly. 20 times wiser, 50 times more knowledgable.

He saw nature through lenses so different than others. And I wonder, did nature loved him more?

Plainly said, if given the chance, would I be able to do the same?

To pack up my bag, secretly bid goodbye to people who know, care for and love me, throw away my watch, take only my journal and a pen; and set out to meet more people that will help shape my short life.

He inspired me, that Christopher McCandless.


Drink more water..

Or so, that's what they say to patients.

Yes, Missy is sick. Has been for the past week!

I think I've blown my nose into some sort of a magical abyss.. like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only, guess what.. there's no rainbow nor gold, but just that damn pot of neverending take-a-wild-guess-what-is-it!

Not that I ain't crazy enough, but this constant mimicking of Daffy Duck is driving me crazy. Actually, strike that out. I sound more like Daffy's 2-day-old baby girl. WITH A PEGGED NOSE.

So yeah, I've been good. Excellent, even. I drown myself in fluid every other 3 seconds. If that's not enough, I even drink my meals (how's that for a Super Patient of the Year award???)

Look at that. Look at that. That's dinner.

Good thing there were still some colours to be hauled from the depth of my water.

Variation: mini dumplings. 3 of those. *sulk

One piece of tofu and my garlic-speckled noodles.

I think my tastebuds are rioting soon. Save me???