I craved for it

A calm change has taken over the city. It's visibly brighter for a longer period day by day. And I love it.

Every morning, when I lift the checked curtains to take a peek at the temperature, my heart skipped a beat. Could it be? It must be!

I have survived my first winter in Oslo. Gone were the constant dip beneath zero degree. Of course, we do have days when an unexpected -7deg fell over the city, but instead of pouting like a grouchy old grandma, I kind of welcomed the cool.

Along with it, I also welcome the arrival of fresh pears in our local supermarket.

And because pregnant ladies can never have enough cravings, I baked a cake. A pear cake, to be precise.

It was a deliciously moist cake with sweet chunks of pear quarters sunk into its depths, spreading an aroma so luxurious, you would have thought it's fall all over again.

For that reason alone, I should tell you I've enjoyed my past weekend tremendously.

Well actually, no, not only that, I've also sorted our baby's closet. We now have tiny piles of 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, winter, 'Norway' summer and 'Asia' summer clothings neatly arranged for the near future. One can really get a kick out of organizing these miniature things, I'm telling you.

Oh, I should also update you guys that I'm officially as huge as a whale beached on the shore. Apart from getting all maternal seeing and touching baby's stuff, I really just want to plop on the couch and have Baby Hubz be my slave.

I politely asked and he declined the good offer, that evil love of my life.

But that's ok. I can always count on my backup feel-good plan: a hot cup of coffee and a slice or two of baked heaven.

There, feeling all better already ;)