Veil lifted.. literally

Ok.. here's the long awaited update.

If you would please, take a deep breath and go through this amazing journey with me :)

I give you.. Mr and Mrs Tran..

*** I'm happy because you are here right next to me.

My eyes are sprinkled with laughter because my heart is full of love.***

*** Safe.. because I'm safely in your hands ***

*** Blessings that go round and round.. ***

*** You gave me your everything, and in return, I'm giving myself up to you; inspired by your love ***

*** Hold me tight and hold me strong. You can make the chilly wind warm.. ***

*** By the lake, we stood. And by the lake, we kissed.

Before you, there was me. After you, there is love.. ***

*** Let there be love, let there be witness.. ***

*** Days will pass and time will age.

Our love.. it's here to stay..***


Mrs. Tran

It was such a perfect day. It was sunny, yet cool. The flowers were in full bloom, thanks to the rain for the past two weeks! The company was great, even though small in number. Most importantly...

I looked so pretty, I was shocked.

And when I was walking to the pavillion where Baby C was waiting, just when I turned from a hedge, I caught a glimpse of him, in full cream suit, holding a bouquet of arum lilies. He looked so suave that I nearly stopped in my track. I said nearly. What really did stop for a second though, was my heartbeat *sheepish grin.

It all went by too quickly. Much too quickly that we would have liked, of course. But we savoured every moment of it. EVERY. MOMENT.

At the botanical garden where our ceremony was held. Saying our vows. While holding hands. While kissing. As we strolled in the park, down to the beach, and off to a nearby cathedral. In our wedding car, complete with the flapping two pieces of white ribbons down the front. During lunch at a dimsum place where practically every head turned to look at us. Back home for some well deserved rest and lovey dovey moments. The 1-hour drive to a winery where our dinner will be. Our special dinner in the bakery with close friends and families.

As the lovely day drew to a close, we took a leisure drive back.

And that's when I had my wedding surprise.

The driver, a close friend of mine, turned into city saying he needed to pick up something. He stopped in front of Sofitel Melbourne, and said we were all to get down. Confused as I was, I obliged. Afterall, I fucking look pretty tonight, alright! When I got down, he had his boot open and out came a familiar looking suitcase. And Baby C extended his hands for the luggage with a "Thanks, bro". Seriously, everyone was looking at me, as though I should have realised what's going on now/at that time. I didn't quite. It took me probably 2 full minutes to see that Baby C had booked a room for the night, just for the two of us, and he even had the luggage packed! So, all I needed to do was to look pretty beside him and check in together.

Ecstatic was the word. No, make that blown away. Hmmm... probably just "very much loved", for that's how I felt.

And of course, if you think you will get a full picture of what happened through the night, you're quite wrong. I can, however, tell you that our room, situated on 40th floor, overlooked a grand night view, had a complimentary 'winter escape' wine, another complimentary brut and chocolates for the newlyweds, good-looking bathtub AND a king-size bed. I'll leave the details up to your imagination ;)

We're still waiting for the photos, so if you'd like to catch a glimpse of someone pretty (albeit only for that day) and someone suave, do snoop around! Welcome :)

Till then, goodnight.


Two more!!

Two more days! Just two more fucking unbearable long days!!

Tell me, am I unusually excited or am I unusually excited? Tell me, cos I really don't know what's happening to me.

First, there's lack of sleep. And getting startled awake by my heart thumping wildly at 7 in the morning is not helping. That, plus vivid dreams of contents which are not suitable for general reading pleasure I rather keep to myself.

Second, I've been gorging myself silly. I know winter's supposed to be an excuse for hot chocolates, but 3am? Missy, you have got to know what's better NOT to do if you still want to fit in that dress on your wedding, aye.

Third, I can't think straight. I simply can't! I've sent 4 work-emails in the span of half an hour on the same topic to the same group of people. Each one updating what I've forgotten to include in the previous one. I know getting married makes one excited and anticipating the big day, I just didn't know it makes you a dimwit too.

Last but certainly not least, I almost cried yesterday. Just because I can't tie my hair. That's right, you heard/seen right! Now you know, when you can't tie your hair up nicely, you cry..

Other than that, yeah, things are pretty great..


How's your side then?


Genders; Life's Beautiful (Take: Eight)

Aside from our preparations for the big day, nothing much is really happening these days. But today, I ought to note this down.

We, (and by we, I meant Baby C, Sister and I) woke extra early for some perk me up at... McDonald's.

It's good. It's been some time since we last breathed crisp morning air/chill. 10deg, right after you wake.. no joke.

But McDonald's made it so worth it. Crunchy, greasy hash browns. Fluffy stack of hotcakes drizzled in maple syrup and whipped butter (wicked). Comfy food: Thick cut banana & date toast spread with honey and jam. Heck, even the coffee flavoured hot water they named filtered coffee tasted smooth enough.

Bottomline, it's just a great morning!

We then took a walk along Southbank, taking in all the inspiring art of ground. Literally, the paintings on the walk path. For a fleeting moment, I yearned to be a carefree artist, on the streets of Venice, with my cap, dirty pinafore, black nails and all.. but let's not get there..

An idyllic coffee rest soon after hooked my eyes on this:

Australian-trained butlers in demand. More specifically, male servants are in demand.

Not only do people now prefer males to mend their clothes, cook and serve their meals, entertain their children; they also pay obnoxious salary. A$240,000 average, what say you, people?! PLUS, being hired by these rich employers means they get to live in luxurious mansions on the hills, by the beach, and drive drop-dead gorgeous cars to send the kids to privileged schools and after-school activities.

In a nutshell, guys now do everything women did in the past as low-class maids, but are being treated far differently; what with the title "butler", the more-than-most-white-collar-jobs pay, extreme luxury and flexibility etcetcetc..

Now now, what's even more inspiring is this: (right under the above article)

How interesting..

Much has been said about doing more for women, but a report from Marie Coleman speaks otherwise.

"... women in so-called feminised sectors such as hospitality and retail felt particular pressure under the current system. There is a pervasive feeling, particularly in lower-skilled, lower-paid jobs that the situation for women is such that many of them feel a complete loss of self-worth, they don't feel that their work is being recognised and they are hearing the whole time that they can be dismissed at any time if their employer wants to"

At the turn of the century, we looked forward to gender equality. At the turn of a Sunday paper's page, what we got was the complete opposite.

I shan't say more because it's all in there. But if you've got some free time after an early breakfast, do ponder over it.


Life.. is it still as beautiful?

I'd say maybe.. :)