Genders; Life's Beautiful (Take: Eight)

Aside from our preparations for the big day, nothing much is really happening these days. But today, I ought to note this down.

We, (and by we, I meant Baby C, Sister and I) woke extra early for some perk me up at... McDonald's.

It's good. It's been some time since we last breathed crisp morning air/chill. 10deg, right after you wake.. no joke.

But McDonald's made it so worth it. Crunchy, greasy hash browns. Fluffy stack of hotcakes drizzled in maple syrup and whipped butter (wicked). Comfy food: Thick cut banana & date toast spread with honey and jam. Heck, even the coffee flavoured hot water they named filtered coffee tasted smooth enough.

Bottomline, it's just a great morning!

We then took a walk along Southbank, taking in all the inspiring art of ground. Literally, the paintings on the walk path. For a fleeting moment, I yearned to be a carefree artist, on the streets of Venice, with my cap, dirty pinafore, black nails and all.. but let's not get there..

An idyllic coffee rest soon after hooked my eyes on this:

Australian-trained butlers in demand. More specifically, male servants are in demand.

Not only do people now prefer males to mend their clothes, cook and serve their meals, entertain their children; they also pay obnoxious salary. A$240,000 average, what say you, people?! PLUS, being hired by these rich employers means they get to live in luxurious mansions on the hills, by the beach, and drive drop-dead gorgeous cars to send the kids to privileged schools and after-school activities.

In a nutshell, guys now do everything women did in the past as low-class maids, but are being treated far differently; what with the title "butler", the more-than-most-white-collar-jobs pay, extreme luxury and flexibility etcetcetc..

Now now, what's even more inspiring is this: (right under the above article)

How interesting..

Much has been said about doing more for women, but a report from Marie Coleman speaks otherwise.

"... women in so-called feminised sectors such as hospitality and retail felt particular pressure under the current system. There is a pervasive feeling, particularly in lower-skilled, lower-paid jobs that the situation for women is such that many of them feel a complete loss of self-worth, they don't feel that their work is being recognised and they are hearing the whole time that they can be dismissed at any time if their employer wants to"

At the turn of the century, we looked forward to gender equality. At the turn of a Sunday paper's page, what we got was the complete opposite.

I shan't say more because it's all in there. But if you've got some free time after an early breakfast, do ponder over it.


Life.. is it still as beautiful?

I'd say maybe.. :)

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