A full round..

Christmas was gone all too fast, especially after having looked forward to it for months in this snow city. But I can say one thing; Christmas this year was peaceful, joyful and just plain wonderful.

My first white Christmas.. of course, started a month or so prior to December. I can't help it when malls are decked in lights-curtain so beautiful, I literally stopped breathing for a while. Christmas trees were also up, decorated with the traditional candied apples or gingerbread cookies, as well as modern fixtures of shimmering lights and cards bearing warm wishes. Come 1st of December, there's no denying that Christmas season was indeed upon us. I mean, you can smell Christmas in the air!

In our household, of course, that would mean smelling freshly baked goodies and scented candles, but I digress. Christmas to me, smelled like wood burning in the fireplace; a rich, smoky drift mixed with the sweetness of hot cocoa (muffins optional). And, it is extremely soothing for some reason I have yet to fathom.

What I do know though, was that I couldn't stop baking. It could be the hormones working up a level during this last stage of pregnancy or it could be the snow outside my window, I don't know. But I'm loving my kitchen/ oven down to my baby's bones.

Plum Tart, Mandarin Chunky Chocolate Muffins, Brioche Pudding, and I suspect, some Upside-Down Caramel Apple Cakes coming soon.. oh yes, I can smell it already..

A slice of brioche heaven soaked in lemony custard

I think my Hubz almost moaned as this baby melted in his mouth. That's a good sign.

So, there we go, before I can bake too much, Christmas was gone. And in a little less than 12 hours, so will the year 2010. We have come a full round back to the beginning of another year.

Should I make a list of resolutions just like all the other years before? Not this time, I think. Not this time..

Perhaps I've mellowed beyond recognition. But as of now, I'm perfectly happy being a homemaker, working on my writings, sipping my coffee and overworking my oven. Come 2011, and I believe that I will be as equally happy waking up during god-forsaken hours to feed our baby boy. That, plus living in a house that smells like poop all year round. But we'll get to those cranky details next year, when we've successfully conquered yet another round. 

For now, Hubz, myself and baby boy will leave you all with the best and warmest greetings. Till next year, everybody stay safe. xo