Tag it

Alright, the taggedy-tag game. 8 random facts about yourself. Sounds good enough.. I'm just not sure if Missy knows herself at all.

Like all respective games, there are definitely rules.

The rules are :

  • I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
  • Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
  • People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog!

Let's rock'n'roll..

  1. Missy LOVES her fork! Read here to get the full picture, heh. And if you don't mind me taking the chance, make your vote right down there.. yep, that's right! Right down there.
  2. Missy didn't even know how to boil a decent bowl of rice nor fry an egg until she was 18 years old. Now that she's turning 23 (and married), she not only can whip up delicious pasta, she's beginning to love baking - to the extent that she stays up till 6am most of the days/nights looking at recipes she might or might not even try.
  3. Mood, and might I add, hunger, affect Missy.. big time. I can't say she's got her likes or dislikes because she pretty much can react differently to the same situation at different times. Noted with caution - poor hubz.
  4. Family is a huge part of Missy. She's got a responsible and caring Mummy who calls her princess; a funny joker Dad who provides countless entertainment on endless stressful nights during schooling (and working) days; a sensible elder brother who's the pillar of strength and inspiration; and an annoying, yet lovely younger sister who stood by her listening to her laments on anything and everything. And now, we welcome to the family, Baby C, who's the best friend Missy can count on, and whom love and care deeply touched her.
  5. Missy loves barren trees. They depict her fantasy well; sad, lonely and cold. History: Missy sought treatment for depression after her first year overseas, because of a certain female named Patricia. Hence, she hated the name and anything that is associated with that person. Recently, she had dumped in her face the words, "I do not want to have anything to do with you. I'm glad you're out of my life" and she's now feeling beyond relieved.
  6. Missy is absolutely a clean freak when it comes to sex. No dirty splashes, or drippings, or godknowswhat.. I'm sure you get the idea.
  7. Missy adores the two opposing extremes and never anything in between. Give her the high and fancy, and she'll squirm in delight; put her in a woodshed on the mountains and she'll crave the primative way of living.
  8. Random favourites as of this moment in time: moisturizer, hair serum, hairdryer and curling tongs, winter jackets, boots, hosiery, oven, mixing bowl, whisk, fork, eggs, cookies, hot chocolate, soy latte, crabmeat spaghetti, anchovies, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, homemade foods, Chanel earrings, woman's body, pregnant lady's body, twins, tiger, own apartment, money, stable career.. yah, I guess that's about all, for now, that is.

8 random facts/habits about Missy Allets. There you go.

So now, the burden falls on me to tag two of my best chums, Yunnie and Lili. And coincident enough, both are future lawyers :) Slash us, babes!!


The sticky survey!

Right, this post came as the result of the humiliation and utter disagreement on how we should behave according to the norm..

I know, I know.. it's kinda gibberish but give me a moment, damnit!

It could probably be the hundredth time I was given the "Excuse me, you retard" look by waiters and waitresses when I politely asked for a fork for my sticky date pudding (they're so absolutely fabulous, by the way). And if that wasn't bad enough, they have to stick around and wave the spoon for an extra 2 seconds to confirm that I, indeed, asked for a fork. And SOME even had the nerve to are-you-sure-you're-not-after-a-spoon me! OMG like hello, a fork's a fork, a spoon's a spoon; I can differentiate that, thankyouverymuch.

So, I've had enough of people judging my adoration for a fork..

Yes, I eat my veges with a fork, more than willing to eat my rice with a fork, as is pasta and all baked goods, and totally using a fork for ice-creams and cakes.

But, just out of curiosity, I need want to know how many of yous out there actually shares my passion. So, be a good sport, c'mon. Make your vote right down there; that is, when you're done with this post, gentle tap the "end" key. That will take you where the poll is ;)

Missy will be waiting right here.. with her sticky date pudding.. and her fork.

Thank you in advance, and yes, feel free to spread the word ;) The more forker, the merrier..


Flower on the Drum..

Let me start by saying Missy has been sick and absolutely lazy for the past two days.

Sick, because of the cold, AND the yummy foods she unashamedly consumed (read more on that below).

Lazy, because she's sick, of course.

Now, let's move on.

Baby C and I had a wedding gift: a voucher at the Flower Drum Chinese Restaurant worth A$300! Now, it is a nice gesture, really. But, hadn't it for the fact that the manager was actually an acquaintance, a meal at THE restaurant might need an extra arm and leg from each of us.. so are we grateful or are we absolutely grateful??

We chirpily set a date on 8th of July. Our 2-year-3-month AND 1-month anniversaries.

After half a day of dating with my hubz, we arrived at the entrance of Flower Drum, not knowing what's in store for us. A little surprise can go far, people. And Missy absolutely adores surprises..

We saw this really cute thing set on the table. Any idea what's it for?

Genius, aint it?

And looking very classy too ;)

First dish was this baked crabmeat. Something like your ordinarily yummy mornay, only much more flavorful and presentable.

5 stars

Next up was steamed fish with fresh veges and mushrooms on the side. It's got the fresh home-cooked taste, but I must admit, at the end of the night, while we're both bursting with food out of our mouths, we decided we can really do without this dish.

3 and 1/2 stars

Yummy Peking duck roll! I'm not usually a duck person, but I swear on my teeth that this Peking duck roll ain't like any I had before.

You know how you usually had to chew a few bites, tug with a little fat here and a little tendrons there before that damn thing actually goes in your mouth? Well, this is well-trained roll; the duck meat, the crispy skin, the cucumber and spring onion, even the paper rolls; all came off in a bite.

This picture DOES NOT do it justice..

Needless to say: full 5 stars

Crayfish with noodles in special sauce.

I could not have finished this stunning dish even if my life depended on it. But because it was so beautifully done, I finished all the crayfish pieces. Amazing.

Please note that at this point, Missy's tummy is quite ready to burst, but guess what? There's still more..

4 stars

Tender medium rare eye fillet cooked to perfection. This dish managed to make Missy choose meat over vegetables, that's how formidable it was.

And don't even get me started on the fried rice it was served with. It was all too perfect.

5 stars and beyond

Just when I think I could not possibly fill a thing more in my tummy, here comes a deliciously rich red bean paste with sesame glutinous balls. I swear Missy died in heaven..

4 and 1/2 stars

And look, what's more?!

This must be the best fruit platter my eyes and tastebuds have ever feasted on. Look at the variety, for godssake!!! Behind that artistic pile of melons, there were grapes and yes, more strawberries.. *gasp

It was wonderful, but at that stage, we could not even finish "one bite per fruit". Sorry, cherries, starfruits and some of you melons..

Too much, 3 stars

This is my love: house-made almond cookies. It's got the beautiful butter and egg taste that it's almost impossible to stop myself.

5 stars!!

This is Missy bursting.

A shoutout here to whoever's in Melbourne, have too much cash to spare and seriously looking for a great dining experience (inclusive of good food), head down to Flower Drum.

Overall, we were two very satisfied diners as we walked out. And not forgetting the 5 star service we got throughout the dining experience, sincere thanks to Tommy and Jesse.

Baby C and I had to walk home. 45 mins journey. Full and happy to the brim.

Goodnight, all :)


Bits and pieces..

A lot of things are happening and things have not quite settled yet.

Though I must say, it's much easier to breathe now ;)

Let's see, after a hectic (and hell yea, I do mean hectic) June, what's in store for July?

  • Get a job, discreetly..
  • Follow up and keep following up on the status of visa, so I don't have to try to get a job discreetly..
  • Find an apartment to move. ASAP.
  • Move, which inevitably includes packing, unpacking, cleaning and the physical act of moving itself.
  • Find time to handle the August issue.
  • Fuck yea, sit down and write for the August issue.
  • Celebrate our one-month and my birthday, quietly or otherwise. And I don't really mind this, of course.
  • All above plus a thousand and one other little and not so little things.

But you know what, I'm actually feeling rather chirpy for July. Not that the stress is not there. But somehow I just felt happier, as a person. Maybe here's what contributed to that:

Friends Old or new. Old and new. A lot of friends got back in touch, mainly because of the big event in June. Friends whom I haven't spoke to in ages, friends who normally only say hi when we pass by them, and also really good friends who lost touch in years past due to studies, work.. and mainly distance. And it's really a good feeling to get back in touch.

Phone calls Believe it or not, how you start your day INDEED can shape your day. It doesn't have to be something spectacular. Like the other day, I got a phone call at 10 in the morning (I know it isn't much of a persuasive example, but for someone who usually sleeps at 6am, that's pretty much the 4th hour of sleep, hunn) from a friend who's just arrived in Melbourne. And she's not even the bestest of friend, you know. She's a sweet lady, a soon-to-be-housemate, yes, but definitely not close enough to be labeled "best friend". Yet, hearing her voice in the morning was so uplifting! There's something magical about her voice that makes you just wanna jump out of bed, put a big smile on your face and friggin' start your day even though you just slept!


Family I love my family. And thanks to this thing we call Internet, communication has never been easier. We used to call and sms everyday, few times a day. Just to say "I miss you, Dad" or "I love you, Mum" or "How's lunch, bro?". Lately, it's MSN. And kudos to my tech-savvy Dad, it's hello to webcam! So we can see each other while I wait approximately 4 minutes and 33 seconds for Dad to type "ha ha ha..."

Laughter, it's really magical.

Hubz My hubby, Baby C.

Many has asked me the same question, "So, how's married life?" Seriously? Not much difference, I'd say. We still go about doing what we always do. Making love is sensual and loving, as always. He cooks good food for me, while I screw up his dinner. We'll go out holding hands and standing still waiting for the lights will mean angel kisses on the forehead. Dinner and wine is good, as is an instant dinner and home-brewed coffee.

Perhaps, one thing that has been significant would be the feeling of being down-to-earth, safe and yes, very much loved.

So yeah.. judging from all these, I can safely say I've got a pretty good life, aye.

Ermm except, perhaps it'd be even better if I can just fucking get a damn job that pays obnoxious salary *woot woot

.. alright, back to Earth.

Are all of yous, my friends, happy lately?