Bits and pieces..

A lot of things are happening and things have not quite settled yet.

Though I must say, it's much easier to breathe now ;)

Let's see, after a hectic (and hell yea, I do mean hectic) June, what's in store for July?

  • Get a job, discreetly..
  • Follow up and keep following up on the status of visa, so I don't have to try to get a job discreetly..
  • Find an apartment to move. ASAP.
  • Move, which inevitably includes packing, unpacking, cleaning and the physical act of moving itself.
  • Find time to handle the August issue.
  • Fuck yea, sit down and write for the August issue.
  • Celebrate our one-month and my birthday, quietly or otherwise. And I don't really mind this, of course.
  • All above plus a thousand and one other little and not so little things.

But you know what, I'm actually feeling rather chirpy for July. Not that the stress is not there. But somehow I just felt happier, as a person. Maybe here's what contributed to that:

Friends Old or new. Old and new. A lot of friends got back in touch, mainly because of the big event in June. Friends whom I haven't spoke to in ages, friends who normally only say hi when we pass by them, and also really good friends who lost touch in years past due to studies, work.. and mainly distance. And it's really a good feeling to get back in touch.

Phone calls Believe it or not, how you start your day INDEED can shape your day. It doesn't have to be something spectacular. Like the other day, I got a phone call at 10 in the morning (I know it isn't much of a persuasive example, but for someone who usually sleeps at 6am, that's pretty much the 4th hour of sleep, hunn) from a friend who's just arrived in Melbourne. And she's not even the bestest of friend, you know. She's a sweet lady, a soon-to-be-housemate, yes, but definitely not close enough to be labeled "best friend". Yet, hearing her voice in the morning was so uplifting! There's something magical about her voice that makes you just wanna jump out of bed, put a big smile on your face and friggin' start your day even though you just slept!


Family I love my family. And thanks to this thing we call Internet, communication has never been easier. We used to call and sms everyday, few times a day. Just to say "I miss you, Dad" or "I love you, Mum" or "How's lunch, bro?". Lately, it's MSN. And kudos to my tech-savvy Dad, it's hello to webcam! So we can see each other while I wait approximately 4 minutes and 33 seconds for Dad to type "ha ha ha..."

Laughter, it's really magical.

Hubz My hubby, Baby C.

Many has asked me the same question, "So, how's married life?" Seriously? Not much difference, I'd say. We still go about doing what we always do. Making love is sensual and loving, as always. He cooks good food for me, while I screw up his dinner. We'll go out holding hands and standing still waiting for the lights will mean angel kisses on the forehead. Dinner and wine is good, as is an instant dinner and home-brewed coffee.

Perhaps, one thing that has been significant would be the feeling of being down-to-earth, safe and yes, very much loved.

So yeah.. judging from all these, I can safely say I've got a pretty good life, aye.

Ermm except, perhaps it'd be even better if I can just fucking get a damn job that pays obnoxious salary *woot woot

.. alright, back to Earth.

Are all of yous, my friends, happy lately?


.val. said...

Hey babe, great to see your life is back on track. Well, tell me about your worries, I must say I carry half your similar worries on my shoulder and it isn't funny anymore. I need that freaking damn job too woman.


Chloe Goh said...

im goin thru my worst period in my life. down n out.