Very well, thank you.

Hello hello, first of all!

I can't believe about 15 weeks have passed since the last we met here. But then again, I also can't believe that I'm not 15 kilos lighter after carrying what seemed like a baby elephant few hours a day, 7 days a week for the past 4 months; so let's just get a move on, shall we?

Where should I start, really?

The last you know, I had a baby. And now I have something new for you; he no longer just sleeps and eats.

Erm.. surprise surprise?

Yes, baby had started to talk to us, play with us and most importantly, he's a master at manipulating us, the nerve! He's lucky he's got beautiful cheeks..

He's grown so much in such a short time that I'm afraid soon he will no longer be my little baby. But on the other hand, I can't wait till he feeds and cleans himself ;)

Perhaps when that happens, I would finally be more alive in this blogsphere! Amen to that!

Here's him with chunky thighs and my favourite round little toes. I love his bum although I must admit his farts are deadly with a capital D.

Goodbye, my loves. We will meet again when my next augmented few hours present themselves.