Sardine, not tuna.

So, I've successfully passed the first trimester and gratefully bid adieu to morning sickness. I'm now fully and acutely aware of what I put into and onto my body, so much so that I'm a mild case of paranoia in this household.

And just as I was about to finally chill out with a cup of honeyed lemon tea this slow Sunday morning, I suddenly realized something. What, it's September already?! Well, almost. How? When? WHY?!

Not only do I battle against fears of baby's malnutrition, bad chemistry around me, severe hormonal breakouts and 1001 other negative thoughts during pregnancy, I now lose track of time so badly that months just whooshed by without me even noticing. What if I wake up one day and it's time to deliver? Does things like that ever happen?

On a totally different note, I need advice from all resources. Preferably Mums or Mums-to-be who shared my troubles.

One. I desperately want a body pillow. Has anyone tried? How good or otherwise are these pillows? 

I don't need one yet, but I want. Look how comfortable this woman is. I want a good night's sleep that doesn't end in abrupt wakening due to back pain or nightmare. I want to be wrapped in a cocoon of relaxation and swim in dreams of happy thoughts. And if I can want more, I'd want Hubz to deliver pastries and tea on a silver tray while I lay on my body pillow for the next 6 months.. but it could be a tad too much to ask for.

Two. Is it ever a "too early" to start being concerned about your expanding belly?

I'm only into week 14, and the bump is barely there, but I'm experiencing dryness and itch around the mid-section. It could be due to the changing weather; we're gingerly moving into snowfall come late October and I don't mean this in a loving way..

I've started a religious tummy-rub routine with oil and lotion, but it's also my concern that ingredients in the products will penetrate into my bloodstream and cross the placenta, so all-natural is a must.

I've heard of Burt's Bees' Mama Bee Belly Butter and I'm wondering if it works as well in Nordic climate as it does in Australia. Not that I can get my greedy hands on it, but if it's that good, I should really start ordering.

Three. Well, I'm craving for authentic (even quarter authentic will do) Malaysian, Indonesian and Indian food. And I've searched high and low around Oslo to no avail.

Just this morning, I was swallowing a plate of leftover pasta while searching for an easy Mamak Mee Goreng recipe. Needless to say, my stomach growled louder in protest with each bite.

This wasn't so much a question that seeks an answer, merely a resignation to fate on my part.

Oh! By the way, I've found my ultimate pregnancy crave. It's pickled jalapeƱos - green chili peppers. How weird. But just so you know, I don't munch on them all day long; I just crave for it to be on everything that I eat.

Anyway, SO.. September, huh. I have mixed feelings about you but that does not necessarily means I'm scared of you. I'll take you on anytime. In fact, I wouldn't mind that much if you whoosh over quicker just so I can see my baby squashed inside my belly in October! Woots!