He tapped my shoulder at lunch.

I was finishing my lunch with a cup of skinny latte. My half-read book lay open in the sun.

Just as I was turning the page, a shadow loomed across the table. I looked up, right into the most gentle and addictive grey eyes.

"Are you reading that book?" he asked.

"Obviously," was the reply before I stopped myself.

"I've read his first book, and I reckon it was his best publication yet."

"Is that so.." This is getting nowhere. Awkward.

"I went out with his girlfriend before. Back in London."

My brows were raised behind my big shades, but I promptly nodded my head politely.

"I really loved his first book. But his girlfriend, well his ex, told me all these stories about how he's a pig, how he treated all the women he's been with. And I couldn't see him the same way again. It's just funny how his work shines through with integrity and great philosophy, yet in real life, he's a scum."

"Well, you wouldn't have known all that if you didn't go out with his girlfriend, anyway." I sometimes like to make things difficult for myself, I know.

He flashed a genuine smile. And I thought to myself; if he wasn't such a pig himself, I'd actually think of him as a very attractive old man.

"Well, enjoy reading. Have a good evening," he finished. As he turned behind me to leave, he squeezed my shoulder. 

"You have a great day too," I chirped.

I smiled to myself and turned to steal a glance. He sat two tables away, facing me, grinning and sipping a bottle of Coke.


Your heart will take you home.

My day today can only be described by one word: aimless. But it's also those nothingness that I came to this post.

You see, it was a beautiful Sunday after weeks of cold numbs and hot chocolate inhouse. I started the day like how I would on any of my days off lately; I enjoyed my breakfast toast by the window sill, staring at nothing. And then, the sun came. A nice glow warmed my skin. "Finally," I thought.

I got up, changed and ventured out. But the thing is, I have nowhere in particular that I wanted to go, nor anything that I wanted to do. All I know was I needed to get out. I let my heart lead the way. 

How so, you ask?

I don't really know. I just kept walking without thinking (I can prove that by almost stumbling over my own feet in front of a restaurant full of diners, and poodles). I walked on, aimlessly, until I reached this little cafe called Picnic. I've never seen it before, even though it's on the same street where I live, only at opposite ends. I went in, simply because my heart said so.

Ok, so I don't do this all the time. Having no expectations, no plans, and no worries. But I must admit, it's fresh. You'll be amazed to see what you'd actually do, see and feel.

Back to Picnic, it was a quirky cafe with a weird choice of furnishing; benches, round plastic tables, wooden furniture, avant-garde, mirrors, cage, bookshelf, and aloof staff. The table that I chose was shaky, its legs see-sawing on the uneven pathway; hardly lovely, highly amusing. The berry-lime teacake was cold and hard, but the lime was zesty which made my heart flutter. Latte was too bland for my taste, but the barista made a beautiful vine design for me. The novel I just started bored me to death, but I picked up words that made me smile. It was still a beautiful day.

I did not think today, I just followed my heart's whim. On my way to the cashier, I saw an old lady with her grandson. She wore a lime green sweater, I remember. And just like that I paid for that table. I would have written a card if I came prepared, but I didn't.

"If I have somehow brought you a smile, please pass on the blessing and make another one smile," is what I would have written. I can only wonder what happened after I left the cafe. I'm sure such thing won't happen too often, but I'm glad I did it once. All because my heart did the leading today.

Also because I did not question, I passed by the roast shop and actually went in for a half pack of char siew, sweet bbq roast pork. I wonder why. And no shit, I really wondered all the way home. 

Once home, though, all became too clear. I promptly brought out the pastry sheets and baked some char siew puffs. But the thing is, I DON'T eat char siew. Weird. So, like how all things will go right eventually, I mashed some tuna, sprinkled some lemon and pepper and added chopped chillies. The spicy tuna puffs came out gloriously good.

Now, I'm sitting here, typing this aimless post. It made me smile; and that's how I will describe this Sunday now.