Good Morning, Melbourne

.. and good night to some parts of the world.

It's a beautiful morning today, albeit not your picture perfect sunny morning. It's a tad murky grey at 15deg  when I first looked outside my window at 7.30am. Add to that little pools of overnight puddles, soft dew from the branches and of course, a breeze of sweet, smokey rain. It's beautiful.

Perhaps we all need days like this to fully appreciate your days off and stay ins. 

And the mere fact of being alive..

News came through from ABC last night; Earthquake shook suburban Melbourne

I was still at work in the city and felt absolutely nothing. But then again, huge trucks pass by us all the time and it was just a little laneway, we might have not noticed. To think that the closest suburb that got hit was Brunswick, which by the way is just a 15min tram drive away.

The last Quake that shook Victoria was in Dec 1999, with no felt reports nor injury. This time, all across Frankston, Knoxfield, Lang Lang, Caulfield North and Yarra Junction have felt tremors. Not to mention the Reservoir and Brunswick too.

With the current bushfire taking its toll on residents and saviours, I pray, hard and sincere for all who's affected; Be strong, stay strong. And may we all see peace and serenity soon.

All this talk reminded me of this that happened back in 2004. It was a devastated period because we were SO CLOSE. All the what-ifs..

But all things said, and I'll say it again; treasure the loved ones around. Don't wait for a special event or occasion to say I-love-you. Say it loud and proud every moment, and say it true. Take each day as a gift to be with them, because really, you don't know when will be the last. But when that day comes, you will have no regrets knowing that your loved ones know that you love them..