Veil lifted.. literally

Ok.. here's the long awaited update.

If you would please, take a deep breath and go through this amazing journey with me :)

I give you.. Mr and Mrs Tran..

*** I'm happy because you are here right next to me.

My eyes are sprinkled with laughter because my heart is full of love.***

*** Safe.. because I'm safely in your hands ***

*** Blessings that go round and round.. ***

*** You gave me your everything, and in return, I'm giving myself up to you; inspired by your love ***

*** Hold me tight and hold me strong. You can make the chilly wind warm.. ***

*** By the lake, we stood. And by the lake, we kissed.

Before you, there was me. After you, there is love.. ***

*** Let there be love, let there be witness.. ***

*** Days will pass and time will age.

Our love.. it's here to stay..***


Val said...

eh !! since when you have a blog here and never let met know ah ?!!?! man all your time is spent blogging in 240938509837 places. I can't keep up !!!

murphy said...

Congrats! Such lovely photos of such a joyous time!