I'm Ready

The night's quiet, as is my heart.. And I'm ready to let the world know that I, Missy Allets, will officially sport the title Mrs. in two weeks' time. Overwhelming, yes. Unbelievable, yes. Exciting, yes. But, undeniably certain.

I must say both Baby C and I did NOT expect it to be now. By the way, my eggs ain't fertilized, just in case you were wondering. In 5 years' time, yes, we've talked about it.. but definitely didn't anticipated now. So, why now, you're curious?

Thanks to the Australian government, I suppose.

At first glance, sure, you can say that we're marrying now because of visa requirements. But, the keyword is really, now. If time is not a factor, I believe Baby C and I will much rather it be in 5 years' time, when we're both more stable financially and emotionally.

But, the situation now has rendered us to make a decision. And to make it quick.

We can choose the easy way out, of course. Let it go, and forget about the whole mess. Trust me, having dealt with this for more than 2 years, I'm quite ready to say "Fuck it, I just wanna go home!" But, instead, we decided to take the plunge, the big step, the public declaration of "I do".

It's pretty much a matter of now or never. I'm sure a lot of yous reading this will not agree wholly on what I said. Marriage is afterall a big step and a big decision. But, just keep in mind one thing - that our love need not the nod of others, except family of course, which in this case we've got full blessing ;) So, Amen!

From the time we've decided to get married till now, a lot of thoughts passed by my mind. Sometimes they're stressful, often calming. I've learnt a lot, and I've seen more.

One thing for sure is Baby C's unending love and our deep unspoken commitment to each other. So, despite the risk of sounding like a lovesick teenager, here's a shout out to you, baby - I may not be the perfect little woman, but I'll try with all my heart and soul, just so you can proudly show the world that you've got the best wife ever!

It's now goodbye to me, hello to us. How creamy is that!

And well, inevitably hello to.. *slap me* cookbooks..

Ok folks, this is it for tonight. If you still love me for who I am, snoop around and I'll update on the wedding, I promise :)


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jaezrel said...

*congratsssssssssss love* aw..........what an envy i wanna get married toooooooo like fairy wedding tale............sobs but dont know when isit my turn.........or i might not even get married as lucky as u biatchhhhhhhhhh hurhur sobs* love me love me not * aihhhhhhhhhhh im such a troubled child...........slaps*slapsssss* i wish i can be at your wedding ceremony after all u are the 1st ever budd to get marrieddddddddd