Back.. For A Little While; Life's Beautiful (Take: Seven)

Before you start yelling, yes, I KNOW I've been missing for a bit.

But I'm back now.. for a bit.

Things are crazy at my side. 22 years of age, and Missy Allets finally comprehend deeply the meaning of too much things to do, too little time. It's so scarily true that it's not funny anymore.

So, Sister arrived safe on 13th May, Mothers' Day. From then on, it was constant planning and touring and being the perfectionist me, stressing.

I've been told, some 153,739,085 times, that I think too much. Seriously? How can I not?! It's tiring to play your own game, by yourself. Plus, I sincerely believe that given more attention to details, a lot of things can be perfect, if not absolutely perfect. Moreover, Missy Allets likes to try on every other shoes besides her own.. and THAT can be pretty frustrating at times.

I need air, and TIME to breathe..



Right, just did.

Having scared off half the readers with my constant ranting, let's move on positively.

I've finally got a companion! Note: aforementioned Sister.

It's not that I have anything against my life at this stage, but I'm mostly by myself, alone, during the day, and most of night-time. The reason being Baby C, hailing from Norway, got himself a job about two/three years ago dealing with mystery shoppers in the Norwegian market. His work time is 9pm - 5am.. the total opposite of what normal office hours are. By the time the poor soul comes home from work, I'm already fast asleep, though at times I do try to stay awake to greet him. When I wake to go about my routine, he's still knocked out.. waking in the evenings. Give or take 4 hours later, he's off to work again. Repeat cycle.. again and again, day after day, night after night.

I'm used to it, but sometimes it really is great to have someone/thing alive to communicate with.

So I'm thrilled with Sister's presence, especially at night, when we both would drape doona over our trembling bodies (autumn's turning winter) and start yakking about the latest gossips back home, how un-romantic is Baby C, how manipulative are her friends.. (ok, these are not very positive, are they?).. well, bottomline is, I'm glad to feel alive.. breaking away from alone-land :)

Afterall, life's beautiful..


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