Easter baking, my comfort zone

Sometime ago, Missy was craving for carbs. Badly.

If the love for fluffy muffins, scones, pastries; and the smell of freshly baked flour+butter combo is not bad enough, throw in the desperation at the ungodly hours we call "sleeping time".

First week of March, tempted by the thousands of advertisement promoting the goodness of baked goods (and chocolate), Missy finally caved in and started her Easter earlier than anyone else.

She searched high and low for a delicious AND health-conscious recipe to curb her carb cravings.

2 hours later, these babies were born..

Honey Oatmeal baby muffins

Damn, they even LOOK delicious. And yes, healthy to the last crumb. I added some ground nutmeg just to boost the spice.

I had some leftover batter (as always), and put them in a foiled cake tin, sprinkled with chunks of dark chocolate. You guessed it, because the batter was not much, it spread thinly over the base, resulting in crunchy Honey Oatmeal & Chocolate crisps. Lord, that was good!

So yes, Missy was happy for a while, and along came Easter day to put her resistance to test.

Hubz suggested making our very own hot-cross buns!

Now, now.. having followed my journal (you can call it rants, that's fine by me) for practically a year, you'd have guessed I'm no kitchen person. Sure, I bake from time to time to satisfy myself.. but it's only with pure luck that they come out smelling good and edible.

So it was a big challenge. Hubz is not much of a baker than myself. The two of us combined would probably be as efficient as Cathy Freeman clad in a tutu.

It took us literally the whole day. 6 hours to be exact.

Yeah, I know you just gasped. PS: It normally takes around 2 hours for preparation and baking time. We couldn't believe it either. We started before 3pm, and after what could only be coined as a war of revival, the buns come out of the oven, piping hot, at 9.07pm. You can close your mouth now, thankyouverymuch.

Glazed and ready to be oven-ed

Nicely browned, the Calla hot-cross buns!

They look really good, don't they. I think I can even hear you say, "That 6 hours were at least not so wasted!"

Well, not exactly, fellow critics.

As much as we've got the taste right, we were rather disappointed with the texture (which pretty much decides what makes a hot-cross bun good). The moment they came out, everything was perfect; the heavenly aroma, the softness of the buns and the plump raisins. After they've cooled, so were our enthusiasm. They became a tad too hard for our liking, and not-so-much-of-a-health-food for your Missy.

We patted each other on the back, and got ready for a few drinks in town.

Here are your semi-pro bakers..

You smell good, is that hot-cross bun?

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