Book review: Shanghai Tango

I just finished this book not too long ago, but the steps it created are still vivid in my head.

Basically, an honest journey of sharp wit; a tango between rationale and passion.

Shanghai Tango - A Memoir by Jin Xing

Jin Xing, one of China's greatest dancers, choreographers.. and transwomen, spinned an enchanting part of her sex-changing life, depicted through the truest voice yet.

By true, I do not mean to say this book replays her life as it is. In fact, if there is such a thing as a conscious book, this will definitely be it.

When I read this memoir, pages and pages shouted out, "ME! ME! Look at me! Listen to me!" It's all about her. It's all about her emotions, her physique, her attractiveness, her blessings, her indispensability.

At first, she might jump out to be an empty shell full of herself. But, as I read on, I realised, yes, that IS her.

This is not Jin Xing, the great dancer, the fabulous choreographer, the upcoming artist or even the first man in China to become a woman.

This is about Jin Xing.. the man who longed to be a woman. The emptiness in his soul, the feeling of being born into a wrong body, the fire to change destiny.

At the end of the day, I guess Jin Xing wants people to see her as who she is (inside and outside). Afterall, if you want to dig her history trunks, you can always do a brief search online. Results yielded can feed you for 38 days.

Having said that, I wouldn't recommend this book for an intellectual read. I find the book lack of any heavy or substantial content to make one really satisfied at the end of the chapters. Missy, for one, was hoping to get more action on the dancefloors, OR, under the bedsheets, whichever as deemed appropriate *wink

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