The Galleon Cafe

After what seemed positively a lifetime of oats and cereals for breakfast, Missy finally decided she needs a good dose of calories down her throat.

So, off went Missy and Baby hubz to try the Galleon Cafe, quaintly located in St Kilda. If not for
Jamie, from The Breakfast Blog we might very well have missed this precious breakfast place so near to our place!

And I certainly am not kidding when I say we might miss this place..

The cafe literally blended in along the street with NO signage whatsoever..

The only thing that indicated we came to the right place was this..

A small piece of permit stuck next to the entrance..

*Yes, that's the tiny piece of paper in the first picture, below the reflection of the white car.

Anyway, our quick look in
The Breakfast Blog did entail the long but worthy wait, so we were well prepared. The good thing was, despite the long list pinned on the entrance, we were soon ushered into the rundown cosiness of The Galleon Cafe before we even need to say "How do you do!"

Indeed, it took some 30-45 minutes before our orders arrived, tempting our tastebuds. So meantime, let's take a look around!

Open kitchen, the old skool style. Loves it!

Different types of chairs and tables scattered around the room. We chose a round table :)

Ceiling crashing down. So devastatingly retro.. sexy..

Artsie-fartsie, just the way I like it ;) The red portrait on the shelf was the Boss, we assume

They serve my green tea in a round pot! How very Chinese!

A brief glimpse of their extensive menu.. I swear I had such a hard time deciding!

The man's meatballs on pide

My scrambled tofu with mushrooms and spinach. Not exactly as I expected but tasted great nonetheless

Us, well fed and happy.

So, what can two very full and satisfied people do now?

I'd say, a trip down to the beach :)

The weather was too good to pass, so even though we weren't prepared for it, we gingerly took off our clothes and joined the hundreds of semi-naked bodies along the beach..


He said it felt nice to sit and relax with this view..

I looked at those gorgeous ladies and said, "Yeah"

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.val. said...

ahhh scrambled tofu !! fried enoki !! I want !!