So in Love - Christian Louboutin

I've been busy, yes.

Busy drooling over these precious..

Ladies and ladies, let us swoon and marvel and die knowing even the ugliest can be saved..

Christian Louboutin - Anemone bow pump in black
-My absolute favourite

Can't get enough of it..
Christian Louboutin's signature red sole *swoon

Don't you just love them darlings? This, my people, is what I call statement wear. You don't even have to go that extra mile to catch attention, because, once you put on these darlings, they instantly shout, "LOOK AT ME, AIN'T I GORGEOUS?"

God, I think I just had a massive orgasm..

Let's move on to two other collections that I love..

Christian Louboutin - White Mouche
Elegant simplicity. Good enough for bridal wear *note to self..

Apparently, all shoes are specially hand made and you can have some little personal request if you so desire. But of course, them honeys come with a suicidal price tag.

Christian Louboutin (I can't get enough saying this name) - Blue Mouche
Same as above, in blue, with killer red sole.

As sexy as the red sole may be, they came up with a classic "Tiffany" baby blue sole, for the less loud audience, and I guess, for everyday wear. Though I swear if I get my greedy hands on these babies, I'll strut up and down Collins Street from 8am till 10pm, believe me..

Christian Louboutin - Very Prive in sequined blush pink
Another potential for bridal wear, maybe?

I usually try to play it down with sequins and rocks and jewels on the shoes, but THIS.. this is different. It's so classy, I just want to cry into their red soles. And one more thing, Christian Louboutin makes his to-die-for stilettos super high.. just the way Missy loves it.

Speaking of which, my now favourite shoe designer teamed up with one of my all-time favourite directors, David Lynch, and together they created a shoe art gallery. Considering Lynch's film stylistics, I prepared for something weirdly spectacular. But as I look through the work, I was blown away.

People, behold the shoe porn..

Second wave of pleasure..

The extent to which they went to create this work of art is beyond mere mortal imagination. How about something specially designed to be posed in?


Meaning, Mr. Louboutin specifically designed the shoes to be shot while model was lying down. In simpler words, the shoes would not be for normal wear..

Still don't get it?

Well, here you go..

Get it now, don't you?

Personally, to say they're not for normal wear was such an understatement. I say, they're fucking impossible to wear!

Anyway, another thing to wake up smiling for.

Mr. Louboutin, you made me see love again..


LE·ROD said...

I randomly ended on your blog and loved it.

Thanks for the peace of information.

Anonymous said...

My dream is to own pairs and pairs of Louboutins. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I want a pair.
Love Louboutin (And you're right, the name is so good to say)

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