Something an impromptu swim can tell you..

This totally came as unexpected. A pleasant surprise, to say the very least.

After half a day running errands in the city, and meeting up for a much-needed chat over tea; us two ladies hugged and went home.

She most likely went home to cook; while I, the un-housewifey one, proceeded for a swim and attempting a last minute desperate tan AT 7PM. Please say you'll still be my friend..?

Anyway, upon coming out of the water, I came to two life-changing realisation:

One : That Elizabeth Arden 8Hour Hand Treatment Cream will be your hands' best ever friend.. forever..

Just for the record, I didn't purchase this item. We merely smeared a dollop onto our cracking hands as we "incidentally" strolled past the Elizabeth Arden counter. So much for a surprise finding, huh.

Anyway, smooth glide-on aside, this babe gives a layer of protection that you can FEEL, yet it doesn't leave a greasy after-feel that hinders your precious life. And guess what, YES, it remains the same IN the water and AFTER my swim! Geezuss.. amazing, no?

TWO : Loreal ColorAppeal range gives you shine like no other..

I'm using Gong Li's and loving the subtlety of it all. Bingo again, before and after the swim, nothing.. I repeat, NOTHING, changed.

Of course, swimming doesn't entail rubbing my eyes like a shy teenage whale, but still I reckon given its' quiet presence in the market, this palette deserves some fireworks!

Not that I'm an avid user of eye shadows, but from time to time, I really do want to pamper my haggard face. Yesterday was one such days, you see..


Moving fast away from that, Missy now craves something simple. Just pure, great skin.

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.val. said...

eye shadow looks good and me likey the hand cream. what say u?