Drink more water..

Or so, that's what they say to patients.

Yes, Missy is sick. Has been for the past week!

I think I've blown my nose into some sort of a magical abyss.. like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only, guess what.. there's no rainbow nor gold, but just that damn pot of neverending take-a-wild-guess-what-is-it!

Not that I ain't crazy enough, but this constant mimicking of Daffy Duck is driving me crazy. Actually, strike that out. I sound more like Daffy's 2-day-old baby girl. WITH A PEGGED NOSE.

So yeah, I've been good. Excellent, even. I drown myself in fluid every other 3 seconds. If that's not enough, I even drink my meals (how's that for a Super Patient of the Year award???)

Look at that. Look at that. That's dinner.

Good thing there were still some colours to be hauled from the depth of my water.

Variation: mini dumplings. 3 of those. *sulk

One piece of tofu and my garlic-speckled noodles.

I think my tastebuds are rioting soon. Save me???

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