No Freudian id-ego-super ego theory here. Just plain ol' lament from your Missy.

Perhaps I'm not the only one, perhaps someone out there share my sense of beliefs, perhaps right this instant somebody is thinking exactly the same thing as me.. but I feel lost. And lonely. Travelling down a much travelled path, by myself.

Right, I see myself as a lion. A true blue Leo, with its growing pride and puffing ego.

Ever since young, I've fantasized my dream world complete with haute couture, a respected job with similar status of income, a high flying society of acquaintance, generosity and lastly, my twins.

Weird to say that I don't remember ever having a man, much less a husband, in my fantasies, yet somehow I ended up with just that and nothing else.

I love my man, no doubt. But it's not enough.

Not enough, in this sense, to tame the lion in me.

So, I ended up somewhere in between.

A caricature, I feel.

Somewhere between my pride and a joke.

I feel lost.

But, what can I do? What AM I supposed to do?

Maybe time will tell.. just maybe..

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Val said...

Hang in there Lion, it is ok to be a cat once in a while instead of a lion, after all it is tiring to be a lion all the time. FYI, I share the same dream with you and sadly but true I have nothing of that except for the man... I never thought I will end up with...