Glorious solitude

Another year, another kind of new year's celebration.

Today's the first day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring celebration. What Chineses do on this day is mostly anything and everything auspicious.

As you all may, or may not, know.. Chinese New Year is when everyone speaks in really weird and indecipherable language, usually 4 Chinese characters forming some kind of blessings, aimed only to please elders in the holy name of tradition.

Being far away from home this year means I have no one, but myself and the loyalty of this blog, to master the art of four-ery with.

And while having my scrumptious lunch, like all Spring lunch should, I finally chanced upon my blessings.

"Nian nian you yu"

Directly translated to be: May there be fish every year. Chinese New Year translation to be: Prosperity year after year.

Weird, no? Now you're nodding..

Traditional paper cut of "Nian nian you yu"

Calligraphy/ painting of

And here is MY symbol of prosperity..

And behold my blessed lunch..

With the sweetness of seafood feast; crab meat, eel, salmon and tuna, how can I not be blessed with a great year ahead?!

Oh, and let's not forget wine aplenty, baby..

Here's a toast to a great year, success and independence..

.. and a merry woman.

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.val. said...

Merry Christmas...Oops.. its Happy CNY already. Time flies eh? My second homeless CNY to date... *wink* We shall start making our own from now on woman...