Bircher Muesli

Missy is currently so obsessed with this dish for breakfast. The amazing Bircher Muesli.

It's been around for ages, no doubt. I always see it in the menus but it's that one thing you would never go for when you're spending your hard-earned bucks breakfasting outside, you know..

Maybe it's the constant hunt for health food or Missy just plain craved for it one day, but boy, am I glad I made the switch? It tasted so good, I still craved for it the day after, the week after AND the month after.. (ok, I'm exaggerating but you get the drill..) And with the gorgeousness of fruits & nuts, which means natural fibre and vitamins, hey, Missy can't possibly say no to Bircher Muesli now, can she?

So much so that I literally sprang to my laptop and searched for the recipe. Good ol' Google never fail to surprise me. I found a lot of recipes online, and from all sources, I extracted bits and pieces that coincide. Me, being the lazy me, just can't be bothered going through all recipes and try them all. But I must say, like all recipes for good food, there's always room for improvisation. Whatever you feel like after a few tries, well, feel free to do so!

The main ingredients to remember are oats (or any other grains), milk, yoghurt (fruit juices optional), and fruits (dry and/or fresh).

  1. Soak oats and dry fruits (if any) in milk or fruit juice overnight in the fridge. Not too much, just enough liquid to cover the oats.
  2. When ready to be served, mix the oats mixture with some yoghurt and top with fresh fruits; grated apple, a ripe banana, handful of berries (get creative!).
  3. Consume with a smile on your face.

It's THAT easy. Ok, so maybe you need to chill the oats overnight, but trust me, you can prepare after dinner or just before you sleep so you won't think about it and the best part, takes only 5 minutes!!

Sounds incredible, but the original Bircher Muesli, developed by Dr. Maximilian Brenner-Bircher for his diet sanitorium in Switzerland, was only one tablespoon of oats and a grated apple. That's right, one tablespoon of oats, people! Either they REALLY needed that strict diet back in 1887 or somehow we have evolved into this monstrous one-cup-oats-eater.. hmm, disturbing..

But anyway, thank God for Swiss!!


.val. said...

apparently it taste the best if you soak it with apple juice over night. knowing me, I'd op for poached eggs rather than anything else !!

Missy Allets said...

Yea, I tried juice, but prefer milk for the creamy texture. Low fat, of course ;)

Finally something Missy can make for herself every morning hahah

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it