Photoshop wonder

By stroke of mega luck, we had our wedding photoshoot last week. FOC.

I know.. wasn't our wedding in June last year??? Yes, you are right, stalker.. but this is in anticipation for our wedding reception end of this year, in Malaysia.

We actually wanted to do it in Malaysia, but due to "forseen" circumstances, we had to do it earlier. And having someone come to you and say they'll do it for free, I mean, why not?! But of course, all that talk about having it in Bali was washed right off into the bright, blue sea.

Ok, to tell you the truth, I wasn't completely bought. I was already mentally preparing for another shoot in my mind, but hey, no harm trying, right..

With minimal props (close to none), DIY everything and one-hour preparation, look what we ended up with..

I was ecstatic, and still am!

Never, ever be sceptical before you try.. unless if it's risking your money and your glowing face (which I will touch on later), obviously.

These are just a few of the collection. I can't wait to see the rest!

And yes, I will post some non-photoshopped soon.


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