St. Lovers Day

Ok, it's a little late, but Valentine's this year is a special twist.

To start it off, I had to work that day. Baby hubz and I woke around the same time (surprisingly), and no, there were no indication whatsoever that the man even remembered what day it was.

No "Happy Valentine's, baby", no "I love you", no super gazing in your eyes till your teeth fall off, no tender loving attention. Instead, I washed up, changed, had breakfast while the man dozed back to sleep. So, in a nutshell, no nothing.

I did leave him a message on our little board before I go to work. It says something sweet like, "Happy Valentine's, my heartless man"..


Shortly after I finished work, I received this.

How corny is that! But I loved it hahah. Missy is a woman who thrives on surprises. I don't even need anything, as long as I can feel the sincerity in it. But of course, having said that, Missy will NOT turn down Chanel or LaMer for that matter..

Moving swiftly along..

A picnic steak! Weird, I know but lovely nonetheless ;)

Sunny and windy day, with wrinkles of joy on my face

We both just relaxed like two retired old farts, taking in the mundane beauty of our surrounding. At that moment, I was drenched in love and peace of mind.

The man even cleaned up, for Heaven's sake! Well, I was busy snip-snapping, you see..

And then, it's this..

Valentine's Day movie. Not something we'd go for normally, but hey, it's Valentine's Day..

Baby hubz told me he chose the seats.

L stands for Love, and 13 14 in Chinese stands for "yi sheng yi shi" which translates to be forever or eternally.


Happy St. Valentine's Day, my dearests *kisses

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