We gave out our first red packet!!!

It's official.

I'm an auntie. Boohoo..

No, not cos I got a newborn, shit-stained niece or nephew. It's cos.. *sobs.. this is the first year I receive no ang pow (red packets), but am starting to GIVE out ang pows. How old does that sound???!

Aww, it's alright, giving IS joy, Missy..

Well, I bet receiving is double the joy then..


Ok, so.. Chinese New Year! How did everybody else spend their blessed days?

It's no doubt so much quieter this year, but nonetheless, meaningful. And I hope everyone else had a great time like we did. If not, well, you still have 12 more days to come up with something ;)

And till then, Missy will continue to give joy..

Feels like an auntie, yes, but a fucking hot one, no less!

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.val. said...

Yes. I love receiving joy. The more the merrier.