So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Top 4

So You Think You Can Dance Grand Final airs tonight, 27th April 2008 7.30pm on Network Ten.

This is it, people!

Missy has been crazily following the dance journey of these amazing Australians. Now that we're down to the Top 4, who do you think will be crowned Australia's favourite dancer?

Note: We're not even talking about the best dancer anymore (because, c'mon, they're really darn fine dancers, don't you think?)

Personally, I'm really loving Rhys for some obvious and various reasons. But, Jack's performance is top, top, top. If he gets the title, he really deserves it.

On the other side of gender, we have Kate, so absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and Demi, who had grown so much and indeed showed us how versatile dancers should be.

Honestly, I love the outcome of the Top 4, so whoever comes out Top.. Missy will be pleased ;)

Side dish: There's this one number I truly adore from the season among a few others. Check out Kate & Jack - Hip Hop routine from Top 8.

And now.. Missy patiently awaits 7.30pm..

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