Happy Anniversary, baby

We don't drive Porche nor live in double mansions; we don't even eat out as often as we wanted; we don't have helpers who clean and cook for us; In couldn't-be-any-plainer words, we are not rich people.

Yet, Baby hubz and I got on just fine. True, we did have our differences and some cold wars in between, but..

(Warning: Possible cold draught ahead)

.. we have come to understand that with difference come acceptance, and to realize how much we treasure each day, just by knowing at the end of the day, when we head home, there are warmth and love awaiting at the door.

8th April, 2008, we have come a full amazing 3 years of being together and 10 months of being husband and wife.

It used to be lavish dinner and champagne and gaze-in-your-eyes lovemaking. Now, it's just pure I-love-you and anything that comes with it.

Read on to see how we played it down with some red spoon help, and still manage a genuine smile as we kissed goodnight.

My freshly baked vanilla cake, that I admit was made by Betty Crocker.

Toppings of sunflower seeds & sultanas, which was out of my sheer ingenuity.
*By sprinkling the seeds on top, you're actually toasting them and infusing the aroma as you bake the cake. Heavens..

Result was this moist and flavorful cake that might have been completely devoured had I not stop myself.
*Betty Crocker even have the SuperMoist series which I'm just dying to try now that I've tasted this..

A few snip-snip to reveal my love..

Some white frosting on the side to transform it from a mere moist & flavorful cake to a delectable love-icon that's good enough to present alongside myself.

Wrap in some white paper (baking paper is perfect), careful not to ruin the edges, and pop in a box/ container with an easy-to-open-lid.

Next step would be to relish the look on his face:

Happy Anniversary, my baby.

You have been a wonderful, wonderful partner and I look forward to many more years with you.



.val. said...

how innovative. i am so going to bake it the way the box say it would be !!

Chloe Goh said...

happy belated anniversary babe.. hope its not too late! nice baking btw! so proud of this homey wifey babe of mine :P

Missy Allets said...

One year wedding anniversary coming soon!!! *gasp