Taboo: Incest!

While I can safely say that I, a Gen Y young adult, who is open to most of the controversial discussions claiming the world, some news like this came around and totally shattered my very being.

My dear readers, I'm talking about a recent (or actually, not too recent) news on an incestous father-daughter pair.

This shocking news arrived around early April, SHOCKING the world when South Australian father and daughter came forward with their story. John Earnest Deaves, 61, was intimately involved with his daughter from first marriage, Jennifer Anne Deaves, 39, for almost 8 years. They even had two children, one of whom died shortly after birth due to congenital heart defect.

Above are just the nutshell of it, but if you are interested to know more about the pair, you can check them out here, and here.

Seriously?? Father and daughter???

This might sound like a cliche but, "What on Earth are you guys thinking?!!"

True, they are undoubtedly a good pair who came clean and admitted guilty and pleaded for a little respect and understanding from people like us who obviously have trouble understanding.. but no, Missy does not condone incest in whatever form. And I find the whole episode very disturbing and disgusting.

I do believe emotion played a big part here but think about it for a second. Just think..

Now go puke..

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