Adele: 19

She's your average London teenager, I guess.

19 years old. Big eyes, big size, big voice. Only difference is she's won the Critic's Choice Brit Award, before her album was even released.

Now that's some mega bigshot to look out for, I tell ya'll.

Yes, Adele is a 19-year old London singer-songwriter with vocal so powerful and may I add, a tad too soulful, for my own good. I swear her album is so addictive, I can still hear it humming in my head when I was strolling through the groceries aisle, in the shower, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S on tv (which I totally can't get enough of, by the way), microwaving my veges.. ok, you get it.

I especially love Track3: Chasing Pavements and Track9: Make You Feel My Love. Both are love ballads.. no, scrap that, all her songs are about love and life and everything that comes with it. Chasing Pavements is about breaking up for the first time and the dilemma about holding on or giving up. Whereas Make You Feel My Love is a remake of Bob Dylan's classic from 1997, also about the greatness of love.

I am not only hooked on to her fabulous soul voice, but also the unique tone and rhythm of her music, which can easily be extracted from Track11: Tired.

It might need some getting used to her music, because I remember Baby hubz and I started off cold listening to her tracks, but look what happened to us now.

Trust me, Adele is the new kid in the music world!

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