Cold days ahead..

So, we can officially kiss our summer adieu.

Autumn is now in full swing, though really, it feels more like winter already. The draggy feelings aside, autumn sets a welcoming glow to the dreary city. In place of our bright emerald trees are hues of gold, and it's good to know a trip down to the city will be accompanied by this burst of colours!

Autumn/Winter holds good memories for Missy. For one, Baby Hubz and I dated in autumn 2005 and got married in winter 2007. It is a season that says a lot about commitment and reminds us of the good times. Fortunately enough, there really isn't that much bad times to focus on! Amen!

Plus, colder days means more cuddles and (in)definitely warm, comfy food. And Missy loves them all to boot..

Revisiting the green fruit has to be the most comforting for body and soul this autumn. And being the lazier-than-usual me, I just scoop and spread fresh avocado on warmed toasts. It can't get any easier than this. You can have your avocado chilled or room temperature. I prefer mine fresh from the refrigerator ;)

Oven-baked nachos with a generous sprinkle of cheese, served with great dollops of salsa. Warmed and satisfied to the core..

The other day, we had pancakes for breakfast. It's been awhile since I last break away from my cereals or oats brekkie, so this was very much welcomed. I had mine with a knob of cream cheese and slather blueberry jam all over. Oh, sin can be so delicious at times.

Pictured above is the Mini Crustless Tofu Quiche that I'm dying to try. Try, as in sink my teeth into. Trust me, I've been having really wicked dreams lately which involved Spinach & Ricotta Quiches, but for now, a mini tofu version will not be too bad afterall.


Speaking of fantasy, Missy is playing with the idea of a tattoo addition. This, is what I call hot and very similar to what I have in mind. Though I will need the writer in me to shine and assist before I make my decision..

One thing for sure, someone won't be too happy about it..


.val. said...

you go girl !! looks mad !! tatts on the side always rock !!

Missy Allets said...

You bet, dahling!! Now, all I have to do is CONVINCE HIM! Hahaha