Happy Mother's Day, and I love my Pops!

When the sky comes crashing down, your family will be there for you to fall back on.. and the worst that can happen is to get stuck between heaven and love..

How much I love my family is just beyond mere words. And though Missy has yet to have achieved anything extraordinary to be classified as a super daughter, she wants Mum and Dad to know that she loves them very, very much..

The lack of recent photos goes to show that it's high-time I get my ass back home!! Patience, Missy.. 6 more months..

Happy Mother's Day, my Queen *kisses

A stylo-mylo shot of Dad back in 2005. I love this picture cos it's NOTHING like him. On-frame, he's cool and suave. Off-frame, he's just a lame joker who's loved by me.

Happy 52nd, Mr. Chow Yun-Fatt wannabe. We're so proud you made it to this year and believe me, you will celebrate many more decades to come.. all with the mentality agility of a 30 year-old!

Talk of the many celebrations to come.. guess what, dearest readers? In exactly 29 days' time, Missy would have been a Mrs. for a whole year!

Missy: Holy pumpkin, we made it through a year already?

Baby Hubz: Mm-hmm, sure looks like we did..

Yay! I wanna clink glasses and toast to the love, friendship and trust we've developed through good and bad times. And everybody, here's to everlasting dream-come-trues ;)

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