She's one of Missy's favourite people, and she just started her very own fashion line.

So what's a girl to do but pompously shoutout to all fashion-savvy ladies, style aficionados and dressy mamas..

Check out poniku!!!

And check it out often. Bold designs, Unpretentious styles, Unique colours.. you're bound to find a dress you like at poniku.blogspot.com

I love the styles, only because it suits a myriad of occassions on top of everyday wear. And the fact that they are all above-knee length means you can flaunt your calves easily, or pair them with leggings for wintry night outs with girlfriends.

Gotta love versatility ;)


.val. said...

aww, thanks for the shoutout babe. that's so sweet!! guess missy is the lucky one, the one who gets to wear them too !!

Chloe Goh said...

u make a great model, babe! keke.. those oriental type :P

and yr fren's collection looks great! i wish i cud own them!!

Missy Allets said...

Val lou por, not a prob. As you said, I'm the lucky one, eh ;)

Yunnie babe, thanks thanks haha. Check out more often.. the dresses I mean. They're awesome.