To love and to like..

I was determined to learn something new each day. And yesterday gave me exactly that chance.

So, you see, I was idling away like I always do; flipping from a TV channel to another, reading a magazine cramped with Norwegian stories or joining the thousands others online in a world of differences. But there's this particular saying that stuck with me for the rest of the day..

The difference between like and love, is that you can like a lot of people, but only love that one special person..

What do you think about that? Do you agree? Or do you, like I do, disagree from the core of my very being?

Let's just say it is not-very-true instead of total crap for karma purposes.. but I believe the person who came up with that saying perhaps never before experienced love in its grand, magnificent way.

For one, associating love with only the people whom you have affection for is shallow. Second, even with human beings, I trust there are more than one person in your life that you can feel love for; deep and true love at that.

I do not mean to sound promiscuous, hell no! I do believe in commitment and Taiwanese/ Korean drama series, but what I want to show here, I suppose, is the love that make up life.

To me, love is a cup of hot coffee while it gently snows outside your window.

Love is Mum and Dad saying "I miss you.."

Love is the knot in your heart as a soft, furry paw lies on your lap and hot saliva runs down your leg.

Love is when hundreds.. well okay, 42 friends hugging you goodbye as you prepare to leave town.  

Love is if the sun comes out even when the forecast predicted clouds.

Love is baby blue and clean sheets.

Love is opening your memory box and found the perfect picture frame from your buddy, hidden notes and all.

Above all, love is beyond the capacity of words..

But like all good wives, I'm showing you one of my biggest loves here - hubz, with genuine smiles from both of us.

PS: This was also the picture I mentioned two posts earlier, which reminded me how much I love photos captured from years back.

Have you figured out the love that make your life, peeps?

With love..

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Chloe Goh said...

Couldnt agree more, babe.

Love is something so subjective and it's tough to give it a definite meaning.