I was your darl..

When he asked, "Why didn't you wait?", all her heart answered was, "Why didn't you chase?" But it doesn't matter anymore, does it? This chasing-and-waiting game people played since Grade 8, and still do, for some lost souls out there. 

A beep from the cell sent her heart a flutter, and when she saw his name on the screen, she thought she may have just died. But that can't be right. He was so cold, aloof even, just three days ago. She thought she did, or said, something wrong. Her swollen eyes and sunken cheeks could attest to her agony. But this was really him calling..

She smiled anxiously to herself and laughed a nervous laugh. She wanted to answer the phone; she couldn't wait to. But each time she reached out, the phone seemed farther away. The ringing was getting dimmer and sounded more distant than ever, ripping her patience to a million pieces. Tears pooled in her eyes as she burnt through the darkness in search of the faint ringing of her cell. She wanted to pick up her phone, wanted to hear his voice, wanted to know what he had to say to her.., wanted to know if he'd missed her.

"Daddy!" a voice shouted, followed by the banging of door.

His eyes fluttered open and squinted against the afternoon light. He remembered it was a Sunday, a bright, lazy Sunday. He had fallen asleep on the couch while reading his newspapers; his half-eaten panini cold on the side table.

Quick footsteps ran through the hallway, he can hear that. He remembered his son, Ben, and the girl he loved the most once upon a time.

"I've missed you," he said as little Ben jumped onto his lap. "And I've missed you too," he whispered into the still July air. 

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