Four months later..

.. and Missy is back on her desk, well.. on her dining table to be precise, since there's no said desk for her computer in this new place yet. The computer itself was set up only three days back, so yay to finally finding sanity in the virtual world.

Here I am, sitting on a fluffed pillow on the floor, trying to reconnect with all of the world while nursing my left leg which had gone totally numb and cramped. But don't you worry about that. How are you all?

Since I've left this space, I've spent a scorching month in my hometown, Malaysia, celebrating Chinese New Year with family and friends, and God knows I can never have enough of that. The company, the sun, the food, the laughter and all. Then we packed our luggages and off we flew to Oslo, my home-to-be. Thus began my goodbye to great weather..

:) It wasn't as bad as it sounds. Oslo has a lot for me to smile for, only I miss my home in Melbourne and Malaysia. Still, I wake up every morning with hubz by my side (and yes, I still get my morning kisses) and that alone can make me smile for the next 10 years. Also, we've been getting longer and brighter days, and you know how a good bright day makes me feel, right?

Today, we woke up to snow. In May, people. But instead of feeling like a trash bag full of crap, I actually feel damn well. Which was why I remembered to sneak back into this blog and conjure something out of nothing but pure delight. That, and to pretend that I never left this blog for *gasp* four long months. Can I blame it on jetlag?

I was sorting our old pictures last week and I stumbled upon one of our first snaps, hubz and I. (PS: I would have totally posted it here but somehow blogspot had gone awry on me) It was April, 2005: has it been 5 years already? We looked young and carefree (and skinny, goddamnit!). Part of me missed that; the constant hugging like we can't breathe if we don't have our bodies twined together, the numerous coffee and movie dates, and the faces that are free from stress wrinkles. But, of course, being the Missy, I love it better now.

Because now, we each have a soul-mate. And even though this particular soul-mate of mine always leaves his half-drank cup/glass everywhere around the house except for its rightful place in the sink (hence my wrinkle), I love him. And because I love him, I know that I will come to feel Oslo as my home in no time.

As for the people and things that I miss, it's deep in my heart for eternity.

Val, my lp, I have come to realize that the things we do together in Melbourne, we didn't do it often enough. I've missed you greatly. I can give up muffin for two years just to spend one day with you right now.

My babe, Chloe, I love and miss you a long, long time. You'd know exactly how I feel so don't make me cry by writing all those mushy stuff.

Mum, Dad, Tom and Le, it hurts not to be able to see and hug you all everyday. I miss even the simple fact that we were together in the same room doing our own things..

South Yarra, Toorak, Melbourne, you won't know how I think about you every night before I fall asleep. I don't think we can ever forget you. You were our first home.

Sutera Mall, JB, Malaysia, you really suck as a shopping mall but I missed you the most. If I have a free day with Doraemon's magic door, I would first pull Le, my sis, out from whereever she is and we would go to you for a crazy, mundane day.

Sun-tanning, OMG I think I have to cry again.

There's really a lot that I can't let go yet. But I know things will be right again. They always do. Meantime, take my word for it - The Missy never stopped thinking and missing..

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