24-year old Princess

This is super belated, but Happy Birthday to me :)

When one passes the 20-year mark, one doesn't really has that much to look forward to. Not as compared to the blinding innocence of a child, anyway.

I still remember when I was young, when birthdays are almost the equivalent of once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a princess. Like an annual ritual, Blueberry cake would be special ordered, and it has to come in two tiers, complete with a rim of whipped cream. I would be dressed in balloon dresses of puffed sleeves and a big lace-flower brooch on one shoulder. Birthday presents would be wrapped in the most decadent manner; those of which remind you vividly of scandalous dark chocolate mousse flecked with tiny bright green pistachios and red silk ribbon all around. Only, of course, there was no chocolate nor silk ribbon. But definitely, definitely barbie dolls.

Now, I don't look forward to birthdays anymore. Simply because I know there won't be a Blueberry birthday cake specially baked just for 25th of July. Nor would there be a barbie dressed as a bride, gently waiting in her box.

Instead, I'll be content just to have Baby Hubz by my side. And sitting in the warmth of my new home, snuggled under the ultra-comfy mink throw. And perhaps, a little bowl of Greek yoghurt with bluelerries and almonds as company.

That would very much suffice :)

So, it was with this lack of expectation that I welcomed 25th July, 2008.

I played PSP while Baby Hubz left me alone during the late noon.

I was dressed to the nines, only to be left again, drinking on my own in the bustle of Friday night in the city.

Still, I was a grateful kid. Grateful to be taken out to a perfect dinner, with the perfect companion.

And though there was no Blueberry cake, I did have a Mixed Berry Birthday muffin.

And I had a gift, too.

A little book for a word-lover. Very apt, if not for the fact that there was no title, and I had no idea who wrote it.

And then he knelt. Took my hands in his, and asked if I still want to marry him at the end of this year.

I kissed him, love flowing from the core of my heart.

Yes, baby, I still do..

So, I did not have my Blueberry cake, complete with a rim of whipped cream, and desired presents stacked like in the morning of Christmas. But, I still get to be a Princess, a little 24-year old Princess who's loved by all.

And I'm sure like all fairytales, the Princess will live happily ever after with her Hero.

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