08.08.08 Getaway

The weekend past, everybody else would be planting their behinds very firmly in front of the television (or in the case of those in Beijing, in the heat of stadium's seats) in anticipation of 08.08.08 at 8.08pm for the grand opening of Olympics'08.

However, being the non-follower of majority, we promptly jumped in the car and headed South East for a weekend getaway. About 1 hour 45 minutes later, hellooo Mornington Peninsula ;)

I'm tempted to give you the lowdown of the place and how it looked like, but having just had two whole days of "I don't want to do anything", how about you go
right here instead to get a better look, hey?

This kind of view in this kind of weather in the peak of winter, one couldn't really ask for more, can they?

Needless to say, out came the bathing suit and in we splashed into the heat of an outdoor jacuzzi. Heavenly jets of water gently thumping and massaging your back, arms, waist, butt and thighs. While we're on a roll there, we laid back and sipped some white wine and marvelled at the weather and played with our rubber duckie.

Oh, and by we on this trip, I meant 12 including Baby Hubz and I. And hot tub seats 8, so we're one of the first four couples to jump in. In a weirdly logical way, that kind of ensured the hygiene of the jacuzzi. IfyougetwhatImean ;)

And if you think getaways like this will sacrifice either your pocket or your satisfaction, you're so wrong.

We took turns to prepare meals; spicy hotpot dinner on the first night, 2 breakfasts (consisting gorgeous scrambles, bacon, baked beans, hash browns, and pancakes with ice-cream), a bbq lunch and a steak dinner with sides of potatoes and vegetables on the second day. Let's not forget alcohol, soft drinks and snacks freeflow.

The whole trip is well under $300 per couple. Pretty amazing, I'd say, considering if you decided to head out to a fancy dinner in town, you're looking to fork out at least $200 already.

So, if you're just like the Missy, looking to take a break without straining the purse strings, here's what I can suggest:
  1. Forget about one month overseas. Take a short break and make it count.
  2. Include a group of friends. The bigger the group (and of course, you will need to want to take a break with those guys to begin with), the more you save and the more fun you'll have.
  3. Don't take a vacation as a sign to splurge unrealistically. It's more about resting your mind and body. But, obviously, I don't mean you have to bitch about everything you eat during that two days. Loosen up! Pamper your senses, focus on the little things to be grateful for.
  4. Plan your trip well. It will control your budget and let you know how much exactly you're spending.
  5. Find places that already have facilities to cater to boredom-alert, or at least the cost is already inclusive of those facilities so you know what you're getting into and less surprise of additional costs. Alternatively, line up games and activities that you can play in the comfort of your own skin. We played Charades and totally loved it!

We absolutely savoured every moment of this well-deserved break. But, of course, you can already tell..

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