The adventure of the scone-seeking Mistress

As if the past two weeks (birthday weeks, may I stress) were not indulgent enough, I have to risk being an obese elephantasaurus at the end of this year with my constant craving for treats.

Tea time treats, to be precise. You know, those little scrumptious darlings that put joy into a cup of English Breakfast on a late Sunday noon?

Wifey has been such a darl, planning a high tea session fit for two princesses. It seemed like ages ago, but really, it was about half a year ago that we graced Windsor's grand ballroom for an afternoon of relaxation. This time round, it was Sofi's.

While we both weren't as impressed with
Sofi's as we did Windsor, it left me craving for more. Which may not necessarily mean a good thing.

What's a Missy to do then, before she turns into a cranky female?

She decides to set out looking at the least possible and most possible places for the almighty scone, just to sate her curiosity.

Yet, one of the dilemmas of city living; you can search high and low, east and west, and still, you find NOwhere with a decent scone to boast about.

So guess where did I find scone no.1??

Brumby's, your trusted local bakery. For $1.80, you got yourself a date scone plus the satisfaction of finally holding a scone in your trembling hands. How well would it satisfy your tastebuds though.. is a very different experience altogether.

And for scone no.2, I decided to venture into the highly acclaimed Laurent Patisserie despite my worn-out jeans and dirty pink sweater. Lo and behold, they had NONE. That's right, folks. You would have thought that a classy boulangerie charging premium prices for a tiny babycake that disappears into your mouth in one single bite would at least have the decency to drench the whole house in the buttery aroma of a scone, but nope, "I'm sorry, we don't sell scones here."

Well well, Missy then combed the whole street clean in search of another bakery in par of class. After what positively seemed like 45 mins of walk, her eyes literally popped out of her head when she glimpsed the sexy dark interior of Browns, and even more ecstatic to see little gems of scones sitting serenely on a beautiful cake stand. And wait, here's more. For $1.70, you get a fruit scone bursting with raisins, apricots and currants AND the satisfaction of scoring a scone in such fine bakery at a LOWER cost! That equals to a Happy Missy!

And thus began the moment of truth..

El cheapo VS fine & dandy

As you can see from the texture, Brumby's offers a heavier bun-like scone whereas Browns' is a more sophisticated bread-like scone.

The verdict?

Disappointment all around.

For less than $2, you really can't trust any bakery to sweep you off your feet.

Brumby's scone was hard, like really h a r d. Especially after lightly warmed up for 10 seconds, it came out fluffy for 2 seconds before turning rock-hard. I scooped out all the dates (which wasn't really a lot to begin with) and left a pile of flour cookie in the bag.

As for Browns, they tasted alright, and very generously flecked with juicy fruit bits, but look, if I had wanted a spongey cake, I would have gotten one. When I say I crave for scones, I CRAVE FOR SCONES. Needless to say, I left a pile, albeit a tinier pile, of soft, bread clouds.

With all the hard work I put into locating these scones, I regret to say I would be better off just sipping my cup of tea in the comfort of my home sweet home..

Better luck next time?

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.val. said...

Fret not, stop scoring for scones. Didn't I said I found the possibly best scone around? 45 mins out of city and they serve with devonshire tea which looked positively like this... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cream_tea ??