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Age and aging can be cruel to women.

Which is why it is always better to be prepared way in advance.

Although I have yet to reach mid-twenties, living in the dry and crazy Melbourne can only mean one thing to my skin - vulnerable.

Growing up in my hometown of humid Malaysia, I never needed to do anything extra for my skin. In other words, I had pretty darn good skin! Yes, with freckles splashed across my cheeks may seem unusual for a Chinese kid, but I assure you, other than cleansing my face every morning and night, my skin care regime involved only drinking plenty of water.

So, imagine how perplexed I got when my skin started behaving in ways I never knew of; dry, with occasional sensitive red blotches.

But, never one to bow down to crisis, I seeked for answers. That was when I got introduced to Shiseido's The Skincare range.

The Skincare is great for all skin types, though it may be a good idea to first test it on your skin. Go to any Shiseido booths in departmental stores and have the ladies explain and test which product is suitable for your skin type. Shiseido has Beneficiance for the more matured skin and White Lucent for those wanting to brighten up their skin. I'm sure the ladies will introduce other range for you depending on what you are looking for.

As for me, I'm currently loving the rich, yet mild nourishing night cream from The Skincare. The texture reminds me of gentle thick cream that will definitely go well with the smoothness of poached apricots. Upon application, The Skincare night essential moisturizer's velvety finish seeps deep into your skin and lasts till the moment you wake up the next morning.

I'm not one to absent-mindedly throw all my savings into beautifying myself. I am just one little woman who happens to love the great skin I'm in.

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.val. said...

me definitely one of those that absent mindedly throw all her saving into beautifying herself and whatnot.