Dolls on the Mount

Tell me, how would you like to strut up to an Edwardian-style villa, ring the doorbell, have someone aproned in crisp, white linen open the door and usher you (a complete stranger) into her house, shows you her massive collection of dolls through the past decade, distracts you with an even more impressive collection of china, sits you down and bakes you a few absolutely to-die-for scones while you sip on steaming smooth, earthy tea?

Tell me, 'cos I need to know I'm not the only one who, having ventured in, will be dreaming of very wicked dreams the few nights thereafter; very wicked dreams that entail warm, fluffy scones halved to reveal a bloom of buttery aroma, piled with a lashing of whipped cream and homemade berry jam, the sensation of sinking your teeth into it, only to feel the bite of tart sweetness melt in your mouth. Very Wicked indeed.

Dolls at the Mount, 54 Mount Street, Heidelberg. I'd suggest to go on a weekday, because really, you'd want to have the whole place to yourself - with your best girl, of course. Just so you can ooh and aah at every single thing all over the place.

You'd also want to order a serve of everything, if only stomachs are created to expand for scones. Definitely, definitely try the Devonshire Tea, with traditional plain scones, fresh out of the oven, and a pot of tea/coffee of choice. The "Fat Rascals" Fruit Scones will be good as an extra touch, with two fat scones bursting with fruit bits, also comes with a pot of tea.

While you are placed in a dilemma for choice, your girl will also be torn among a few, say, the savoury Cheese Scone, or the Chocolate Scone, or something to share perhaps? The high tea selection - two tiers of sandwiches, cakes and biscuits and an extra basket of scones - sounds perfect.

Thankfully, Vivienne Dodd, the waitress, owner and the magic hands behind those 10/10 scones, will put you out of your misery. Just get one each! I can???!

What was I thinking? Of course I can! Everything is baked fresh upon order. Sip on your delicate cup of tea and idly chat about the latest hairstyle, the 10 minutes wait is totally worth it.

Oh, and let's not forget the perfect collection of teacups, saucers, plates, teapots, cosies, the whole nine yards. Have I ever told you about my passion for mismatched crockery? Have I?

Vivienne also serves a visually tantalising lunch of creamed pumpkin soup with scones. A fact that we were fortunate enough to find out (and smell) when two aged ladies ordered exactly that. Again, served on very pretty china bowl on a platter. I can swoon endlessly..

Well, a big thank you to Vivienne, the hunt for scone has finally yield very satisfactory results. And that translates to a very happy Missy.

But of course, all this will not be possible if you haven't got a wife as great as mine. Thank you, lou por!

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Mark my words, we will be back soon.


.val. said...

ahhh i can't stop staring at the cheddar cheese scone picture... damnit..i want some.... u forgot to mention cheese and vegemite scone...cause u might tickle your aussie reader's fancy...

Tartelette said...

Thank you for stopping by and your really nice words and support! Your blog is lovely!

Sam said...

Hi Missy Allets, nice blog, nice post on the tea house, both of which I thoroughly endorse. Forgot to take a foto while i was there, can i use one of your shots on my tea house post with credit and link of course?