Under this absolutely horrendous weather, the Missy decides to seek shelter here, and she's in shivers from head to toe..

It might be due to the 8°C that seems to mock at me through slashes of rain and mighty wind, OR even more likely, because yours truly celebrates the 24th in less than 2 days' time!!

That's 2 full rounds of the Chinese zodiac circle, my friends. For those not so acquainted with the 12 animals (myself included), let's cut the chase short: Yes, I'm a Rat.

So, I've been asked this, on several off-guard moments. You know, off-guard as in when you were skipping happily through the voyage of imagination, pastures of love spread vast ahead and your every senses brings warmth to your heart.. and it happened. It's uninvited. You're unprepared.

A little knock on the side of your mind's window, a tiny but nagging voice haunting your dreams, "What are you so happy about? What have you done to claim these happiness? Do you even DESERVE to be happy? Don't lie to yourself, or maybe yeah, go ahead and try.. because you can lie to everyone in this world, but you can't lie to one person, and that is me, which is yourself, which eventually is controlled by me anyway.. yada yada yada yada.."

A Rat, by my definition, is a sneak. A smart sneak at that. It goes around sniffing for food, and by the holy cow's milk I pray, don't they always find it? And without getting caught too. Gotta give them credit for this.

Myself? I don't just sneak around. I sneak around myself. Yes, you got that right. I even try to deceive myself, that's about as sneaky as anyone can get. And oh, don't even get me started on the morale and social issues that come with it, because that will just push me further, or should I say "deeper" into deception?

Anyway, with birthdays come the unforgiving responsibility of growing up and learning that you don't know everything. I kinda look forward to that actually.. but no, hang on a minute, I don't think I do..

But I say, why not ditch all this talk and seek comfort in good ol' companies, happy foods, a drink or twenty four, and forget for a moment, Damn I AM a Rat!

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