We have moved!!

Okay people, welcome to the Home of Tran ;)

Last year this time, I went missing for a bit mainly due to relocation. As you will have picked up, we have since moved out of the high and dandy of Chevron, into the cosy and homey South Yarra love shack.

It was a pain, moving and cleaning and all. So may I also take this chance to say how much I love and thank you guys:
Val & Leon, and Dexter. Without you guys, we most likely would still be crawling with china bags up the trams until next year. So yeah, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Now that we're settled (we just finished unpacking last night) and can officially call this our home, allow me to present..

The Home of Tran..

Before: The empty space that is/ will be the lounge

After: The warm little room to chill and have guests ;)

Before: A cold room

After: Where Master and Mistress rest their heads at night

You might not get the vibe through these pictures, but trust me, it's shouting "Love me, and you can't bear to stay away for too long!" all over the place. It is, afterall, a place of our own :)

We spent some hubby-wifey time yesterday turning this space into a home, pampered ourselves with a simple feast using the oven, and just laid back to watch a movie or two.

I'm all filled with love. If you have a minute to spare sometime after lunch, feel free to join me counting the blessings :)

Stay well, my dears.

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.val. said...

i want to trash that cozy place !!!