Smell with your heart

7.36am, the air is still and cold.

Early morning does wonder to my senses; I may not be able to see or notice things that are right in front of me, nor will I be alert enough to plan things right, but dearest all, don't challenge my sniffing radar on these early mornings.

Cos baby, I can smell a fresh brew from 300 miles away..

And yes, my heart will be flowing that direction and stay there well till lunchtime is over.

The beauty of senses lies in how each different sense complements each other and brings out your most imaginative power.

The strong, nutty aroma dancing in the morning breeze. You can almost taste the milky froth of soy before the stinging sensation of bitter cocoa touches your lips. Two steps down and you'll be greeted by the buttery taste of warm, crisp croissant; soft and fluffy, with lightly browned shell edges that give way to the slightest touch. Nutty and buttery, for a moment you'll be living the idyllic past time of Parisians among the outdoor boulangeries.

Ah.. caffeine.. I'll have me a skinny latte now, please

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