Wedding and Marriage

Johnny boy got married on Monday, so we call him Johnny man now.

Anyway, the 3rd of Dec, their wedding day, Missy went about her day as usual. Waking early, going to work, and getting off at usual time. But all through the day, and I mean every goddamn second and minute of the day, I can't help but to reminisce about 9th June. I swear I kept replaying the memories and the words and the smell of that day over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ov.. ok, sorry, I know I'm going overboard. But you get the idea, I'm sure. I miss it bad!

Indeed time sneaked by when you're encased in bliss. I hate those sneaky minutes!

Anyway, here's some pictures of that sweet day. Let's ooh and aah with me, my dearests.

Getting ready and excited.

A lonely statue and a rather inappropriate veil, I reckon.

The ceremony took place in Fitzroy Garden's conservatory. The inside looked like a magical forest. It was all too perfect and we can definitely do without the swarm of flies.

Marking our presence.

That's the best man, the groom in the middle and what do we know, Judy, the celebrant! Yes, we introduced her to the couple since she's amazingly wonderful. Good experiences should be passed around, no? My lovely someone would know ;)

At the end of the night, we realised that we didn't really take enough pictures with the newlyweds. But ah well, we being us, of course managed to entertain ourselves throughout. So, let's gingerly move along..

Bride emerging from the bright entrance like a fairy. Awwww I want!

A woman's once-in-a-lifetime superstar limelight.

I loved the veil. It's tied around the tail and flowed beneath the hairdo, I think. There's something magical in the way it cascades through. And uhm, nice shoulders, darling.

Exchanging rings and vows in the magical forest. Again, awwwwwww....


I couldn't get a good picture without arousing much suspicion, but check out the girl next to Christina the bride. She is super cute with an air like a model. Bitch, yes, but cute nonetheless.

Psssstt, just so you know, we sat on the same table. She was across me, and there were plenty of eye contacts *ahem. But that's it, cos you know why? Lovely hubz on my left, enough said.

John and Christina's wedding favor.

Perfect for us.

Half of the table that was us. After approximately 4 bottles among us, everyone sure looked happy.

If that wasn't clear enough a comparison, I'll show you this..


And after..


The drunken couple in love.

And off the record, I was told that I lost quite a bit of weight of late. I didn't actually believe cos I did, afterall, live a healthy life now. As in exercising more and following a healthy diet.

Not until I saw this..

Like WTF!! I actually got another scarier one, but I reckon this one will do..



But still, I'd better do something about it now. I love my bones, but not to this extent, you see..

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.val. said...

i'd kill for your bones. man, i want some of those. damn those tempting food and pizza last night. damn it.